Why Does My Air Conditioner Trip The Circuit Breaker?

Sometimes your system may trip down the circuit breaker often. To avoid any such problems you must service your system at least once a year. However, if you face such an issue then contact WtfixAir to tackle it. There are several reasons that may cause this technical issue. The most common scenario is when your system is drawing more current, say 35 amps. But the circuit breaker acts when the current reaches 20 or 30 amps. The circuit trips because it passes the maximum capacity it can handle. The main reason behind drawing more power by your system is due to overwork or inefficient operation. Here are some probable reasons that cause circuit tripping.

  1. Dirty air filters: Clogging in the air filters can make the unit work harder to circulate the air. This causes the system to run longer and draw more power in order to circulate cool air.
  2. Refrigerant: When your system has a low coolant level then it will no longer cool your place. Also, it will cause overheating and damage to your system.
  3. Dirty condenser coils: The outside unit removes the heat from your home. However, if it gets dirty then it prevents the dispersion of heat. This makes the system draw more electricity and trips the breaker.
  4. Motor failure: The motors can fail due to overheating or wear and tear over time. This can cause the motor to short and draw more electricity.
  5. Bad capacitor: The capacitor is responsible for making the compressor and motor work. So, if it fails then it will draw power but will not cool. 

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