Summer has its own joy but the scorching heat it brings is unbearable. Therefore having an air conditioner can help in surviving the day. If you’re a homeowner, you might already know how amazing this appliance could be. But if you’re planning to buy one there are some things that you must know. Like any other appliance there are numerous options available in the market. Hence, choosing the best out of it might get tricky. Well, if that is so, we have mentioned some useful tips that will help.

  • Cooling capacity- The sole purpose of an air conditioning system is cooling. Therefore it is very important to choose an air conditioner with a better tonnage. Tonnage is basically the cooling capacity of an air conditioning system.
  • Should have better efficiency – Energy efficiency is another important factor to consider. After all, you don’t wish to pay high electric bills, right? Hence, choose an air conditioning system that can give you higher efficiency with low energy consumption. You can figure this out by looking at the stars the unit got. Air conditioners with higher star ratings are more effective.
  • Air quality- As you might know, air conditioners also help in making the environment healthier. So, make sure the air conditioner you are purchasing has the best quality filters that can absorb dust, bacteria and also any kind of unpleasant smell. If you’re being provided a good humidification unit it will add bonus as it can help in reducing the humidity during monsoons.
  • Speed matters- An air conditioner with an excellent thermostat and multiple fans can give us the desired temperature with less energy consumption. Nowadays there’s an option to adjust the cooling as per your requirement which is definitely great. It also reduces noise levels to a greater extent.
  • A proper installation is a must- Make sure your air conditioner is being installed by a professional. Only then you’ll be able to achieve the best results. If your unit isn’t installed properly then it will create tons of issues. There should not be any kind of flaws during the installation of an air conditioner.

Well, these were some points that you should definitely consider while choosing an air conditioning system.

What could possibly happen if I ignore my air conditioner service schedule?

Routine maintenance is very important for an air conditioner to work efficiently. It is recommended to schedule it’s service at least once a year. Still, many homeowners tend to ignore this in order to save money. But you should know that this can cause serious damage to your system and eventually you’ll end up investing extra money on its servicing. In the worst case scenario, it might happen that you need to replace the whole system. Skipping a regular service schedule can result in below mentioned issues:-

  • Failure to discover any emerging issue- A routine maintenance helps in identifying any issue that might cause a bigger problem at a very early stage. The professionals inspect and solve any such issues that may result in expensive repairs. Sometimes it seems like everything is fine with your system but then also you should have it maintained. This is because there may be issues that you couldn’t discover by yourself.
  • Increased electricity bills- Sometimes you might notice a sudden rise in electricity bills. Well, this happens when some components wear down because they aren’t properly maintained. This causes your air conditioning system to operate harder hence consuming more electricity. Let’s take an example of blocked air filters. It obstructs the air flow and makes your air conditioner work really hard to circulate money all around your home.
  • A malfunctioning unit- This could be worse if you’re stuck with a malfunctioning unit on a hot summer day. Damaged parts due to lack of repair result in reducing your air conditioner’s efficiency. It might eventually stop working.
  • An increased risk of fire- An air conditioner can cause fire if it is in a bad condition. There are many components in an air conditioning system that are prone to fire. For example a poorly maintained heat pump etc.

Things you should keep in mind before choosing an air conditioning service repair company

Well, we have listed few points that may help you in choosing the best air conditioner repair company:-

  • Should have license and experience- These are the most important things to consider. A licensed technician is way better than one who isn’t. This can give an assurance that your system is in the right hands. Also experience matters a lot. You must go for someone having enough experience to deal with any issue that may come along.
  • Make sure you check the background of the company- This one is also crucial. You should do a deep background check. You can also check the reviews and ratings given by previous customers. This will help you a lot in choosing the best out of others.
  • Should be available 24/7- You can’t predict a certain time when your air conditioner might start acting up. Therefore you must choose a company that is available for you 24/7.
  • Affordable prices- Always make sure you ask for prices and they should obviously be reasonable. You should also negotiate accordingly.

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