We are Air Conditioning Installation Experts in Melbourne

WTFIXAIR Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne is not your distinctive to get the work done and onto the next Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne. We take the uttermost pride in our job and respect your property or business as if it was our very own.

AC installation in Melbourne

We realize you have options when it comes to choosing a local air conditioning service, which is why we always initiate by first understanding what your cooling needs are. Then, we assure that we find a solution that is best for you and your budget. Above all else, we endeavor for whole excellence and best quality in everything we do.

Our AC installation services in Melbourne are ideal for all domestic and commercial air conditioners throughout Melbourne. To keep your home or business cool and comfortable in the summer, installing and air conditioning system is a great investment.  Whether you need new air conditioning units or are replacing old ones, you can trust us to cater you with the perfect solution.

Our expertises have received stringent training and are experts in their field.  They cater air conditioning installation, repair, upgrade and maintenance services to homes, offices, factories, stores and much more. There are certain tell-tale signs that indicate that your air conditioner may be coming to the end of its life

We supply many major brands of air conditioning units for all domestic and commercial requirements. We can help you cool down your entire house or office space, or only a few areas.  These are the latest energy saving devices that will help to make a big gouge in your electricity bills.

The purchase of a new air conditioning system is an inevitable decision.  There is sort of choices, considerations, options, and factors involved.  For example, the number of rooms you would like to cool, their dimensions and the design aesthetics of the air conditioning systems.  We will look at your problems, queries and conduct a thorough site survey, taking you through the variant of options available and helping you to make the correct choice for you want.

Before we start any work, we will let you know of all the costs involved, so there will be no filthy surprises.

WTFIXAIR Offers 24/7 Heating and Cooling Service in Melbourne

There are numerous Heating and Cooling Service in Melbourne, but what sets WTFIXAIR apart from all the rest is our unbeatable customer service.  This courtesy extends to the work site, where our technicians treat your home or business as if it was their own. We leave everything exactly as it was when we arrived. We’re there to do our job, not make a mess for our customers. Shoe covers and tarps are standard equipment at WTFIXAIR!

Heating and cooling Melbourne

Anything less than the best is unacceptable when it comes to Heating and Cooling Service in Melbourne for your home, office, or commercial building. The quality of your air is directly linked to the quality of your life, and we take that very seriously. Let our professionally certified technicians take care of all your heating and cooling needs. No job is too big or too small.

Repairs and Replacements:

Heating and Cooling in Melbourne handle repairs for all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment. Eventually, your current equipment will need to be replaced. Ensuring the right size unit is installed is a significant part of the replacement process. The old theory that bigger equipment is better no longer has merit. Modern equipment is designed to run for a set amount of time and then not be used for a period of time.

We perform a load calculation to find the right size equipment, instead of replacing your equipment with a model of the same size. When it comes time to replace, it is wise to purchase energy-efficient equipment. Because energy prices continue to increase, energy-efficient options are the best way to keep your investment cost-effective in the long run.


Even with regular maintenance, equipment can still fail or fall short. Our basic service charge covers any minor problems. If new parts or major repairs are required, the service charge goes toward the repair work directly.

We’ve made it our mission to treat each and every customer as if they were part of the family. From the moment you call, till the job is done, we will treat you with respect. When you work with us, you’re more than just an invoice number.

Ac Installation in Melbourne for Peace of Your Mind

All-encompassing suburban area of Melbourne has the expertise and the experience how to professionally assess your AC installation in Melbourne and provide you with the most suitable and at cheap cost best option to cool your home, business or office in Melbourne. All of our team are focused and dedicated to providing only the highest quality of Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne. Ac installation in Melbourne Provides a wide variety of air conditioning services for both residential and commercial clients, which encompasses everything from installations, repairs, maintenance and even supplying a wide range of units from well-known and trusted brands. They only use licensed plumbers and guarantee the quality of our installations for 6-years.  All you have to do is rest easy and enjoy the comfort of your new system. There are the variety of air conditioners, from the elementary and inexpensive room air conditioner and wall-mounted split. Systems vary in size from 1hp (2.4kW) to 80hp (200kW).

Air conditioning installation Melbourne

Your Post Installation Certificates and Warranty:

To give you serenity, upon the culmination of your Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne you will be given a 6-year installation guarantee, along with the 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, We will also be providing you with 2 very important pieces of paper; these are your certificates of compliance. One is for the electrical work required installing your air conditioner and the other for the refrigeration work required to install your air conditioner.  These certificates, BY LAW, bust be supplied to you to prove that your installation was carried out correctly by certified licensed installers. Without them your manufacturer’s warranty becomes void and you may also be jeopardizing your home and contents insurance. Always ask to see your installer’s licenses before you agree to start work.

Emergency Breakdown:

  • With Air Control’s around the clock 24hr breakdown service, they are there for you at all times, day or night.
  • They have teams located around the CBD, outer suburbs and regional areas to rapidly respond to your calls.

Their aim is Not only to make their customers happy just for Today but to leave a legacy for the next Generation.

Maintain Proper Working of System with Heating and Cooling Service Melbourne

Heating and cooling services are often needed both for residential and commercial purposes. Though number of service providers are available in the market providing required services to the clients. But it is always a matter of great concern to choose the one that provides not only reliable and quality services but also provide quick service. Heating and Cooling Service Melbourne gives you the opportunity to choose the services that is needed by you.

Heating and cooling Service Melbourne

A reliable company always keeps the comfort of the customers on the top priority. They have professionally trained experts that are highly capable to handle all installation, service, maintenance and repair issues in a perfect manner. It is always better to check about their certification so that you are assured of getting quality services. These companies offer certain awesome benefits to their customers like –

  • Experts carry out their work keeping in mind the comfort level of the customers.
  • They have advanced knowledge about all technological developments.
  • They know what risks are associated with the faulty system and thus work accordingly to sort it out in quick time.
  • A good company knows about various methods to conserve energy.
  • They take proper measure to ensure that the system is not having any side effects on environment.
  • They offer commitment to honesty, integrity to the clients.
  • High quality and sincere workforce will handle the task efficiently.
  • Reputable company usually offers discount & make things affordable and simple for you.

As these systems are quite intricate with several electronic components fitted inside it should always be repaired by professionals. They know how to find the root cause of the problem and fix it quickly the very first time they inspect it.

Heating and Cooling Service Melbourne provides you more than just fixing the problem. They carry out proper diagnosis of the system and will let you know about the exact problem. In many cases the problem occurs due to low maintenance services. These professionals will let you know about the clear and honest cost that is included in completing task leaving you free from all stress.

Benefits of Finding the Top Heater Service Melbourne

During the winters, it is not possible to stay in the blanket for the entire day. Nobody wants to step out of the blanket and start shivering. But, if the person stays in the blanket for the whole day, the work will be highly affected. Therefore, to have a comfortable and relaxing place, it is important to have an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) unit at home and office. A student cannot complete his homework with the shivering hands and the employee disturbs the entire staff with constant sneeze due to the cold environment. Thus, to have an HVAC unit is not enough, but to undertake the unit for Heater Service Melbourne is essential to keep the unit well-maintained all through the season.

Heater service Melbourne

Benefits of a well-maintained furnace:

Extended equipment life – the most significant part of the heater service Melbourne is that it extends the durability of the unit by inspecting and diagnosing the parts of the unit that keeps the furnace to function on the long-term basis. Testing the unit’s starting capabilities, inspecting and cleaning condensate drains, and lubricating the moving parts extends the life of the unit.

Lower energy bills – when the parts of the HVAC system functions properly, they will consume less energy to perform their function, and thus, lowers the energy utility bills. During the maintenance process, the air flow is calculated and the electrical connections are tightened to keep every part of the furnace function at its highest capacity.

Improved safety – as we know that the HVAC is the electrical device and when the entire electrical part and connections are lubricated and tightened the risk of the current decreases and thus, improves the safety of the people being around the unit.

Fewer future repairs – during the regular heater service Melbourne, the issues are identified and fixed at their initial stage. Therefore, the regular maintenance service prevents the owner from getting stressed with the huge repair costs in future. And thus, the place is heated reliably without much of the repair cost incurred.

We are Always Available for Heating and Cooling Service Melbourne

If you looking for a quality heating and cooling service suitable for every weather round the year, then surely you are at the right place. WTFixAir is serving the population of Melbourne with the quality services to meet their every requirement of cooling and heating the place.

Heater repair Melbourne

We are committed to delivering the best service satisfaction to our clients at the best price guaranteed. And therefore, our clients blindly trust on our Heating and Cooling Service Melbourne and recommend others to take our services. Their word-of-mouth is really like an award winning feel. If you are in need of any kind of assistance for the air conditioner or furnace, then just call our experts and they will be at your doorsteps in just a small span of time. With the dedication towards meeting the client’s requirements, we are 24*7 available for any kind of assistance.

Our services include:

  • Furnace repair and installation

We are into the industry for years serving with the furnace repair and installation services. Our expert team removes all your worries for the furnace installation and you can rest assured that you have chosen a right heating and cooling service Melbourne for your home or office. Even if you the installation were processed by some other experts who don’t have enough knowledge of the right way of installing the unit and if the furnace is not installed in an accurate manner then the durability and performance will be affected to the extent. Also, the furnace gets quickly in the grasp of operational issues, therefore, don’t repeat the same mistake of hiring non-technical expert for the repair. We deliver the quality repair services beyond the expectation of the clients. Further, our services are available 24*7 for any kind of furnace repair.

  • Air conditioning repair and installation

We have a team of experienced and certified technicians those are capable of handling any sort of heating and cooling service Melbourne along with a broad knowledge of latest advancements in the air conditioner and furnaces.

Tips for Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne

When the weather is extremely high outside, the commercial air conditioning Installation Melbourne is a perfect option to maintain an ideal temperature ranging from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius inside the commercial place. A well-maintained ideal temperature eliminates humidity and reduces dehydration in terms of staving off sweating. The managers should keep in mind that the humid and hot temperature can affect the health of the employees which will initially decrease the productivity of the business. Therefore, it is vital to maintaining an ideal temperature at the commercial place to let the employees perform their work efficiently which will result in increased revenue of the company. If, as an owner of the commercial place, you think that picking the best brand’s air conditioning system is enough to ensure the supreme temperature, then you seriously need a rude awakening call. While the quality assurance by the top brands should not be avoided, it is equally important to schedule regular servicing of the HVAC unit.

Air conditioning installation Melbourne

The responsibility of the company’s managers doesn’t end with just commercial air conditioning installation Melbourne, but the system needs to be inspected and tested on a regular basis to identify the problem before it causes some major issue. Here are some of the benefits that can be achieved with regular servicing are:

Better energy efficiency – Perhaps scheduling routine commercial HVAC servicing is the most appealing benefit that will enhance the energy efficiency which will give the tenants, clients, and employees a comfortable environment throughout the year. After the commercial air conditioning installation Melbourne, regular maintenance services will help the system to remain clean and operate properly that will cut down on energy costs.

Extended life of equipment – If the system is not maintained regularly after the installation, the chances are that the performance of the system will go down which will impact the life and durability of the unit and its parts. When the question is about the organization’s productivity that is linked with the performance of the HVAC unit, no one will want their system to break down.


Benefits of Hiring Expert for Installing and Maintaining Air Conditioning in Melbourne

During the summer season, it is important to keep the temperature controlled at the home and commercial place. This is because the office and home are two places where the person spends most of his time all day long and it is not pleasant to relax and comfort yourself in such a humid and sweating environment. Therefore, most people choose to have air conditioning repair Melbourne both for their residential and commercial places. The air conditioner unit blows cool air into the places that provide a cozy environment where one can feel highly relaxed and comfortable. In such a soothing environment, the work efficiency of the human beings increases to a great extent making them complete their task with great energy.

Air conditioning repair Melbourne

Here are some benefits of installing air condition Melbourne:

Increasing work efficiency – It has been proved in various survey reports that the comforting environmental conditions increase the work efficiency of the human being. Unpleasant room temperature can cause humidity in the environment and the body will release heat making a person uncomfortable and annoying. Also, when the heat is released from the body, a person gets tired quickly which affects his work productivity.

Improves health – The air conditioner unit circulates filtered air that is free from dust particles, microorganisms, smoke, and bacteria inside the residential and commercial places creating a healthy environment inside the places.

Less noise – The air conditioning repair Melbourne works silently without making any kind of annoying noise. That is why while the system is performing its operations, the person is not been disturbed while completing their tasks. Due to their low or no noise during its operation, it has become an ideal choice for cooling the environment at resident, offices, theaters, restaurants, and even at the hospitals.

Low energy efficiency – Surely the brand of the air conditioner does matter to assure low energy costs while picking the best unit for your residential or commercial place. Though regular maintenance services are also vital to keep the unit performing its operation efficiently and lower the energy costs.

Best and Customized Services for Heating and Cooling Victoria

With all-encompassing experience in the heating and cooling industry, WT Fix Air is devoted to offering the best heater and air conditioning solutions to our priceless customers. The customer can blindly trust on our services as we provide the best services for heating and cooling Victoria with a complete air solution meeting the needs and budget of the customer. We provide a customized solution that perfectly fits in the client’s requirement. From our years of experience and delivering quality services, we have earned a positive and trustworthy reputation in the market among the competitors and the customers.

Heating and cooling Victoria

Quality service and customer satisfaction are our prime concern for heating and cooling Victoria. To deliver the best air solutions, it is important to understand the local people and the climate. Though, we are based in Victoria and understand the weather outside the house and office. The climate during the summer season heats up too much, that is from December to February, whereas, during the winter (i.e. from June to August) the winds are chilling outside. Thus, it becomes really essential to have the best in class service to provide the best heating and cooling solutions in both the season. We don’t believe in promoting our business verbally, but we believe in doing what we commit. From the moment you contact us to the moment we deliver the service and after the service, customer satisfaction is what we strongly have faith in.

Before you further browse the services we offer, here is a small description about why we are reliable and why to choose us for the quality services of heating and cooling Victoria.

  • 24*4 availability – we are available to our clients round the clock. They need not to look at the watch before dialing our contacting digits.
  • Expert team – we are a family of experienced technicians who have years of experience in this field.
  • Customized solutions – not every HAVC units are same, so how there solutions can be the same. Our team identifies the issue occurring in the unit and then provides the best solution accordingly.
  • Cost-effective – despite delivering the best quality service, our service cost is very nominal suiting the budget of the client.

WTFIXAIR Covers these sub-urbs in Victoria and Melbourne for Air Conditioner Repair, Heater Services

WTFIXAIR is a specialized service provider of air conditioning and heater repair. We strongly believe in delivering the quality services and keep a hold on our current clients and gaining the new ones. We value your time and do not take much of your time in repair, installation and services. With our quality services, we assure the comforting environment at your home and offices. Whether, it is about repairing the old air conditioner and heater, or installing a new one, we are always available for our clients at just a call. Also, with our quality HAVC services, we don’t charge hike prices from our clients and thus, deliver the best quality services at a very affordable cost. Even with the minimum service charge, we don’t compromise with the quality of our service.


We cover these sub-urbs in Australia for heater, AC repair, maintenance and installation. We serve Rosanna, Fawkner , Templestowe Lower, Mount Waverley, Strathmore Heights, Maribyrnong, Burwood East, Glen Waverley, Watsonia, Cheltenham, Frankston North, Braybrook, Bulleen, Doncaster, Macleod, Williamstown North, Blackburn North, Oakleigh, Essendon North, Moorabbin, Gladstone Park, Eaglemont, Parkdale, Coburg, Doncaster East, Eltham North, Mount Dandenong, Templestowe I salia, Kingsbury, Wheelers Hill, Lower Plenty, Pascoe Vale, Sildipsans, Greensborough, Watsonia North, Ringwood East, Bentleigh East, West Footscray,Prankston, Altona  North, Eltham, Pascoe Vale South, Heidelberg West, Laverton, Wantirna South, Ringwood, Oakleigh South, Broadmeadows, Bayswater,  Heidelberg Heights, Olnalimm, Diamond Creek, Knoxfield  Mill Park Notting Hill, Keilor , Mordialloc, Oakleigh East, Springvale, Bundoora, Thomastown, Seaford, Huntingdale, Springvale South, Clayton, Ferntree Gully, Ringwood North, Noble Park North, Boronia, Clayton South, Endeavour Hills, Hadfield, Sunshine North, Sunshine North, Dandenong, Croydon, Mulgrave, Croydon Hills, Sunshine West, Belgrave Heights, Heatherton, Croydon South, Keilor Lodge, Patterson Lakes, Williams Landing, Hurstbridge, Upper Ferntree Cully, Eumemmerring , Chelsea Heights, Tullamarine, Warrandyte, Noble Park, Ammusiss, Warranwood, Campbellfield, Croydon North,  Cranbourne,  Derrimut, Taylors Lakes, Frankston South, Keysborough, Mount Evelyn, Altona Meadows, Hoppers Crossing, South Morang, Langwarrin South, Langwarrin South, Meadow Heights, Bayswater North SIBS, Dandenong North, Narre Warren, Hampton Park, Lynbrook, Narre Warren North, Langwarrin,  Deer Park, Werribee, Lilydale, Benvick, Watenvays, Lilydale, Seabrook, Benvick, Watenvays Roxburgh Park, Dandenong South, miasma, damilmaisa, Carrum Downs, Point Cook, Sydenham, Caroline Springs, Taylors Hill, Narre Warren South, Craigieburn, Cranbourne North, Hillside, Sandhurst etc.