Dusty Ducts

How To Deal With Dusty Duct?

Ducts are responsible for circulating the hot or cool air in your home. However, over time dust and debris starts collecting and they also enter your home. Ductwork can collect a large amount of dust that needs cleaning by a technician. So, you can call WtfixAir technicians to clean the duct and maintain fresh and […]
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reverse cycle air conditioner service

Is Your Air Conditioner Vibrating?

Your system may malfunction due to several reasons, especially due to improper care. If your system is vibrating excessively, then shut it down immediately to avoid any further issues. In such a case, you can contact WtfixAir technicians to evaluate your system and fix it quickly so that you can relax in the summer. Here […]
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inverter air conditioner repair

Why Is Air Conditioner Repair Necessary?

Regular maintenance and timely repair ensure the long life of your system. It is very important to service your unit at least once a year to avoid any serious breakdown in the system. The system undergoes wear and tear over time. So, it requires servicing and repair for optimum functioning. Also, servicing from professionals guarantees […]
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Evaporative Air Conditioner

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Generally, when you own an Air Conditioner, it will bring you a relaxed and cooling atmosphere. Especially during a hot summer, when you spend all day in a hot climate, Air Conditioners are what you need. So, you must maintain the good health of your Air Conditioner. Servicing your Air Conditioner will solve half of […]
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Ducted Air Conditioning services Breaker?

Why Does My Air Conditioner Trip The Circuit Breaker?

To begin with, if you are thinking of installing an Air Conditioner you should always hire a professional for it. This is mainly because when you hire a well-trained technician he will make sure that your Air Conditioner is installed properly. With all the necessary measures. However, your Air Conditioner will need fuel to run […]
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Air Conditioner

What are the Causes Of Air Conditioner Airflow Problems?

To begin with, if you live in Melbourne, the Air Conditioner plays an important role in your life. With the increase in hot weather, it has become very difficult for you to accept the rising temperature. However, you can’t lower the outdoor temperature but you can easily control your indoor temperature. Especially with Air Conditioner, […]
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