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WtfixAir is the best air conditioner heating and cooling system service provider. And, we offer a full range of air and heating services at pocket-friendly prices. Being a licensed firm, we aim for 100% client comfort. Also, our specialists help you find the best aircon for your place. And, we deliver a hassle-free air conditioner installation service. Plus, our experts suggest some useful tips to optimally run and maintain your unit.
Cooling Services
We offer various cooling system services such as cleaning and other upkeep services. So, you can get our services to attain clean and fresh air at your place.
Heating Services
Our company offers services for the heating systems as well. Also, our experts can handle all types of heating systems.

We Service All Makes & Models

We offer great services for all the top brands of heating and cooling systems. Also, we have brand experts to handle the specific brands of aircon. So, you can contact us anytime for the best local air conditioner service in your area. And, we deal in some major brands like Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Carrier, LG, Fujitsu, brivis, Bonaire, etc. We offer fitting, repair, and other services for all these brands. Hence, we are the reputed air conditioner installation contractor across Australia.


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We Provide 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Repairs & Installation. We provide specialists technicians for residential and commercial sectors.

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Your Comfort is Our Top Priority, Air Conditioning Repair, Heating Repair & Installation Services in Your Locality. Our Experienced Cooling and Heating Repair Technicians are Available 24/7!

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We Provide 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Repairs & Installation.

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    Your Comfort is Our Top Priority, Learn basic air conditioning repair, heating repair & installation services online with our help post. Our Experienced Cooling and Heating Repair Technicians are Available 24/7 to solve your queries.

    An air conditioner serves a vital function in your home. So, planning regular servicing for your aircon comes with various real benefits. Such as longer lifespan, energy savings, stopping sudden faults, and greater reliability. Also, it helps to keep your warranty in place. And, a good warranty can save lots on costly repairs and expenses during the valid period. So, yearly servicing is essential to get the most of what your system has to offer. Hence, book your air conditioning service at WtfixAir. And, get the best air conditioner maintenance service and advice for your cooling system.

    Besides, our experts are highly trained. And, they handle your system very well. Plus, they use modern tools to install, repair, or service your unit. We offer complete heating and cooling system services for commercial and domestic purposes. And, we aim at 100% client satisfaction. Thus, we deliver 24X7 services with emergency repairs. Also, our technicians always reach your doorstep on time. With wide experience in the industry, they fix your issues quickly. And, they inspect every part of your unit during regular check-ups. Thus, they leave you with a nicely working system. So, call our air conditioner service company to get the best solutions for your aircon at a price you can feel good about.
    During a tune-up, the experts take a close of your system. And, they make sure that your system is cooling properly. Also, they focus on every minor issue in your unit. Because even a small issue can lead to a major fault or sudden failure of your system. It is important to prepare your aircon for the blazing climate. Thus, with WtfixAir air conditioner service, you will get excellent services for your cooling system. And, we are a certified air conditioner installation contractor and ensure that your unit works rightly all around the year. Since we offer 100% guarantee on our services. Plus, we ascertain that your system won’t fail for at least a year.

    We tend to use our cooling systems frequently during summers. So, it becomes necessary to maintain it timely. Hence, routine tune-ups allow your system to maintain top performance during its lifespan. Also, the tasks during the annual services make sure that every part of your unit is working rightly. Like changing or cleaning the air filters, coils, drain pipes, etc. All these tasks help to keep your system as a new one. We offer a deep air conditioner cleaning service for your unit. Thus, arranging timely tune-ups will help your system to last longer.
    The main purpose of routine servicing is to let your system run to its best. Plus, without eating up much energy. All you need to do is book your services and leave the rest to our experts. Hence, book an air conditioner cleaning service at WtfixAir and get extensive cooling system services. Besides, here are some tasks that take place during the routine services:

    Clean/replace air filters: Since the dust and dirt in the filter can hamper the working of your unit. Thus, our experts clean the filters or replace them to make sure that your cooling system runs properly.

    Removing debris from the outside unit: The outer unit can attract a lot of dust and dirt. And, it can reduce the airflow.

    Checking electrical connections: To prevent major damages, our experts check the power supply and wiring that links to your unit.

    Cleaning drain line: Molds and clogs in the drain line can cause leakage and other issues. So, clearing the drain line is a must.

    Checking coolant level: Low coolant level can cause uneven or no cooling. Thus, our technicians check this to ensure an even cooling all over your place.

    Tests system controls: Our experts check all system controls to confirm that your unit starts, runs, and shut down properly.
    Your air conditioner is a basic part of your indoor comfort. Also, during the miserable hot summer months, you can’t risk your system's sudden failure. Thus, it is essential to get annual servicing before the summers. This will ensure that your unit will work rightly without fail. And, there are almost no chances of any breakdown. Hence, you can contact WtfixAir experts for air conditioning services to maintain your indoor comfort. With years of experience in this industry, we can handle all types of cooling and heating systems. Also, we are a leading air conditioner service company that deals with almost all top brands.

    We are a licensed firm. Thus, we hire only skilled experts to service your aircon. Plus, being a reputed air conditioner installation contractor we deliver the finest services to our clients. No matter what cooling system services you need, you can contact us for the best services, on-time arrivals, and reasonable rates. So, below is the list of aircon services that we offer:

    ● Ideal solutions for your system
    ● Ability to service different types and brands of aircon
    ● Air conditioner repair/replacement
    ● Periodic services & Emergency services
    ● Heating services
    ● New system installations
    You can call us to know more about our services. Hence, WtfixAir technicians are available 24X7 for all your air conditioning service needs.
    Some common problems can take place in your cooling system. However, ignoring any such problems can lead to major damage. So, you can contact us for the best residential air conditioner repair without any delay. Here are some issues that require quick attention and expert servicing:

    Aircon not turning ON: This problem may arise due to several issues. Such as wrong thermostat setting, tripped breaker, blown fuse, or wiring issues. So, our experts will detect the cause and fix them instantly.

    Air is not cold: Dirty air filters, coils, low coolant, or other defects in the unit can make your unit not cool. So, it needs immediate repairs or tune-up to save your unit from any further damages.

    Dripping water: Leakage from your unit can affect the overall working of your unit. Thus, instantly call our skilled experts to get rid of a leaky system.

    Strange noises: Your system can produce various sounds. Each one signifies some serious issues in your system. So, our experts will recognize the problem and fix it in no time.

    Sudden rise in energy bills: If you notice your monthly energy bill is increasing rapidly. Then, it may be due to your faulty aircon. Thus, call WtfixAir air conditioner service experts to make your system more energy-efficient.
    As soon as spring turns to summer, everyone starts using their air conditioners. So, we tend to use our cooling system more often. Thus, it needs proper care to work at its best. Also, whether your system is new or even working just fine, you must schedule regular servicing. Hence, plan a timely air conditioner maintenance service to reap the following benefits:

    ● Better air quality: The technicians remove dust particles properly that collect in your filter and unit. Thus, offering you better indoor air quality.
    ● Greater energy efficiency: The experts inspect and clean your unit's blades, coils, and other vital parts. This helps in greater energy savings. So, lower your bills and stay cooler with WtfixAir air conditioning service.
    ● More comfort: Getting regular servicing saves your system from any sudden breakdowns. So, you can enjoy your comfort with a properly working aircon.
    ● Saves on costly repairs and expenses: During regular servicing, the experts test the overall unit. And, repair or replace the parts that cause damage and impede the operation of your unit. Thus, it helps you save a lot of money in the long run.
    ● Extend the life of your unit: Timely check-ups maintain the working of your system to its top level. Thus, it works fine and in condition during its entire life cycle.
    Many of our customers often don’t know the right time to call for help. Thus, they continue to use faulty systems that cause major damage and health issues. So, to avoid such situations try getting regular servicing for your unit. Also, you must plan maintenance services at least once a year. Plus, experts suggest getting services during spring is the best time. Since it can cost you less and ensure that your unit works well all around the year. Also, you must call for an expert air conditioner installation service for your aircon setup. As wrong fitting can cause big issues in your unit.
    If your aircon shows any of the following signs, call experts from WtfixAir for air conditioner service quickly.

    ● Leaking water or coolant: You can know this by the quality of air coming out of your aircon. Such as unusual smells, the wet wall behind your unit, etc. Consult our experts instantly.
    ● Losing its cooling: Clogged air filters, ductwork, or faulty parts may cause such problems. So, consider calling us to prevent further damage.
    ● Strange noises: Our repair services will help you in finding and fixing the cause of weird noises from your system.
    ● Automatic shutting down/ turning ‘ON’: This is an alarming situation. So, you need to call our experts to figure out the problems and make your unit the way it was in its initial stages.
    When it comes to hiring a local air conditioner service, you must hire reliable ones. Also, it is essential for your and your system’s safety. So, here are some tips to consider before hiring for a cooling system service-

    ● Certification and License: Check that the aircon servicing company is certified and licensed. Also, make sure that they offer certified technicians to service your system.
    ● Experience: The experts should have the skills to handle all types of cooling systems. It is vital to ensure that they will offer reliable and quality services.
    ● Reviews & ratings: Check the reviews of the service provider on their site or forums. Also, you can ask previous customers about the service of the firm.
    ● Professional attitude: The way the team or staff interacts with you shows how they will handle your project. WtfixAir experts are very friendly and polite. And, they understand your problem and suggest the best solutions.
    ● Availability: Make sure that they offer 24X7 services. Plus, they must offer services in case of unexpected system failures.
    Hence, you can trust WtfixAir experts for your air conditioning service. We offer the finest and safe cooling system services.
    During the hot and miserable summers, you may need some extra help to maintain your indoor comfort. However, it can be very frustrating if your aircon fails abruptly. Or, it isn’t performing as it should. So, you can arrange a residential air conditioner repair service at WtfixAir. Our skilled experts will help to keep your system up-to-date. Regular servicing is very important for the proper operation of your cooling and heating systems. Besides, avoiding a short term problem can lead to a big issue in your unit.

    Many experts suggest getting tune-ups twice a year. But, you should arrange a timely check-up for your air conditioner at least once a year. Also, having maintenance services before and after summers is wise to ensure your system's top performance. Plus, you can prevent any unexpected system failure in the future. So, you can book online or call us to organize a routine servicing for your aircon. Our experts are always there to help you to fix all your cooling system issues.