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Company Overview

All our HVAC systems are supposed to do is keeping you warm in chilling and cold winters and maintaining the coolness in our commercial or residential area in summers that too without any flaw, generating less electricity bills due to technical glitches, or for that matter, we are here. We ensure the cooling or heating in our home homes or office spaces just being accurate and perfect.

Here at WTFIXAIR, we do and ensure that all kind repairs related to HVAC equipments, or any such new equipment installation, and thereafter maintenance related works in order to ensure their smooth functioning in future HVAC installations are taken care of by a team of committed and perfection is the sole thing guaranteed.

We do the installation, maintenance along with any kind of repairs required from time to time in your HVAC equipments. These will include pumps, heaters and boilers to name a few.

Our team of experts are available 24by7 and 365 days a week help out our customers for any potential break down in any of the equipments listed with us for our services. Our team dedicatedly works on issues reported and we are available for a free home consultation as well so that you can assess our quality and get to know our offerings better.

Our services include

  • Heater Repair services
  • Air conditioning breakdown services
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Heater Installation
  • Air conditioning routine and preventative maintenance
  • Heater routine and preventative maintenance