Is that a frustrating musty smell coming from your air conditioner?

It can be really annoying if you notice a foul musty smell from your system. The most common cause of this musty smell is an accumulation of water. You should check the drain pan and drain pipe if they are working fine. Because if you do not clean them from the time it can collect water and cause fungus or mildew to grow. Also, leakage is another sign of a musty smell from your unit.

Another reason can be dirty air filters or too much moisture in your filters. You will require to contact a reliable service provider to remove the unpleasant smell and avoid any further damage.

Apart from the musty smell, smell like car exhaust, rotten egg, or fire need immediate care by the expert.

Is your Air conditioner system struggling or broken?

Annual or bi-annual servicing makes sure that your system is ready to operate well round the year. However, if you do not take proper care of your system then you will need to call for an air conditioner service expert near your location. The most common sign that your unit is struggling or requires repair is inefficient cooling. Following are some common reasons that hinder the cooling process.

  1. Wrong thermostat setting: Firstly, make sure that your thermostat is set to AUTO and not ON. Because when it is in ON mode then the fan runs non-stop. This will result in warm air from the unit. But if changing the setting does not make any difference then you should call the repair service right away.
  2. Refrigerant level: Coolant absorbs the heat in your home to make it cooler. Low-level coolant will not cool the air properly. The most common reason for the lack of coolant level is a leak. This requires immediate attention and inspection from an expert.

Faulty compressor: The compressor circulates the refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units. So, if there is damage to your system, it will not cool your home properly.

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