Air Conditioner Vibrating

Is Your Air Conditioner Vibrating?

Your system may malfunction due to several reasons, especially due to improper care. If your system is vibrating excessively, then shut it down immediately to avoid any further issues. In such a case, you can contact WtfixAir technicians to evaluate your system and fix it quickly so that you can relax in the summer. Here are some of the common reasons that are causing vibration in your system.

  1. Foreign objects: The first thing you can check by yourself is if there has been something that has fallen into the unit. Since the outer part is outside the window, small animals and debris can enter the unit easily. So, shut down your system and look for if there are any rodents in the system.
  2. Fan blades: Vibrating may result due to broken or folded fan blades. It requires an expert to check the fan blades.
  3. Installation problem: You need to hire an expert to install your system correctly. Any problem during this time can result in issues like a vibration in the future. You can contact WtfixAir for expert and quality services including installation, servicing, and repair.
  4. Lubrication: Insufficient lubrication can result in vibration. So, you should call for service to do the lubrication and avoid damaging the motor.

Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

Your system may produce very little sound while running. But if the noise becomes loud and unbearable then you require repair service right away. So, if you are noticing any weird and loud noises from your unit then contact WtfixAir experts for reverse cycle air conditioner service. There are a lot of reasons contributing to loud noise from your system. Following are some common reasons that can answer your query about loud noises.

  1. The internal fan makes motion noise. Most units absorb this noise using isolation padding. However, this padding can wear and tear off over time and begin to make noise.
  2. Another reason can be the low coolant level in the system.
  3. Loose or broken parts of the system can cause clicking or banging sounds. You will require an expert to look after this issue and fix it.
  4. There can be some damage to coils, fan blades, or compressors.
  5. Also, failure of the motor can also produce strange sounds.

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