Ducted Gas Heaters Repairing Services – Melbourne & Sydney

Is your ducted heating system not providing the same level of warmth which it once used to provide? Some people say that their gas ducted heater is getting older and needs replacement with the new one, but are aware of the fact that regular ducted heating repair Melbourne services will continue to keep your house warm. Ducted gas heaters Melbourne & Sydney require urgent action because of the chilly winters.

Some signs that indicate ducted heating repair Melbourne?

  • Blowing weaker air than usual
  • Blowing cold air when the temperature is set to warm
  • The build-up of dust and mold
  • Surfaces or walls surrounding the piping and air ducts become discolored or hot
  • Strange smells especially the gas-like smells such as carbon monoxide
  • Noises or loud noises that are different than normal

The leakage of carbon monoxide is a danger for you and for your family, so immediate ducted heating repair Melbourne services are required to remove the hazard immediately.

Ducted Gas Heaters Repairing Services

Ducted gas heaters Melbourne & Sydney services include:

  • Removing and cleaning of fan assembly if necessary
  • Removing and cleaning of the burner assembly
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check for holes and cracks in the heat exchanger
  • Inspection and testing of overall unit performance and airflow
  • Check burner and pilot ignition
  • Compulsory test of carbon monoxide levels
  • Preventative component replacement if required
  • Cleaning filters

The ducted heating system provides a cozy and comfortable form of heating to the entire house during the chilly winters. It allows your whole house to stay livable throughout the winter.

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