Electric Water Heater

How to service an Electric Water Heater?

Checking T&P Valve
The temperature and pressure relief valve is the safety device installed in every electric heater. The valve maintains the temperature and pressure inside the electric water heater. Malfunctioning of the valve can result in the electric water heater explosion due to uncontrolled pressure.

Sediment buildup in the tank can reduce your electric water heaters proficiency and could possibly clog your water lines. Flushing the tank saves your electric water heater, by flushing out the minerals, debris, and rust, thus increasing the efficiency of the appliance.

Thermostat check
The lowered temperature setting protects your electric water heater from overheating, and reduces the electricity consumption, resulting in low electricity bills. Thermostat dysfunctioning may result in uneven water temperature inside the heater leading to higher bills and damage to the heater.

Anode rod inspection
An anode rod is embedded on the top of the water heater and saves the electric heater from rusting away, thus increasing the electric water heater’s lifespan. It is suggested to take the assistance of electric heater experts right at the moment you notice rust in water or any other issues.

Other checks
Insulate: Wrapping your electric heaters with insulation helps in reducing the electricity bills and extending the life expectancy of the appliance.
Heating element: Heating elements need replacement periodically to prevent unexpected hot water interruptions.

How often to service an Electric Water Heater?

Proper servicing is the key to the extended lifespan of your electric water heater with greater efficiency. An electric water heater can provide uninterrupted services for about a decade. But regular electric water servicing prevents future problems, saves energy, extends the life of the appliance, and eventually saves you from costly (and avoidable) expenses caused due to long-term negligence to the issues with the framework.

If you reside in an area where you get hard water, it is suggested to get your electric water heater serviced every six months. Moreover, you can also call electric water heater experts to keep a schedule regarding your framework and get it serviced on time because the minerals present in the water start building up inside the framework and can cause potential damage to the appliance.

The general time frame of servicing an electric water heater depends upon the type of framework.
A domestic electric water heater requires servicing once every 12 months.
A commercial electric water heater requires servicing once a year.
An industrial electric water heater requires servicing twice in 12 months.

How much does it cost to service an Electric Water Heater?

Wtfixair electric water heater services take care of your system by providing you a variety of offers and plan to maintain your electric water heater, to keep it running tip to top, at the most reasonable costs ranging from $149 -$219. We cover the service of your electric water heater system twice a year with the maintenance packages that include the installation, wear and tear losses, sudden breakdown or malfunctioning of electric water heater, at affordable prices.

The annual packages for the framework by Wtfixair are most liked by our customers owing to the affordability and quality that we offer. We also offer customized plans as per the customer’s convenience and offer amazing discounts from time to time. Thus, to grasp the best deals at your place with pocket-friendly prices with the most professional and quality services at your doorstep, contact WtfixAir right away.

Why Local Electric Water Heater Contractors Are Best For You?

Preferring a local electric water heater contractor provides you with the benefit of a walk-in office, that can be visited at any time, thus clearing up the communication, confirming authenticity, and ensuring that the issue will be solved as you anticipate it.

A local electric water heater contractor makes it easy to connect you to the expert than the national agencies as they do not keep you waiting for long intervals before actually assisting you with the technical expert thus easing up the communication.

Long-lasting collaboration with the local electric water heater contractors will assist you with a professional technician who is already well aware of the system of your home, therefore saving your time and money, and providing you with the best services before the issue with the framework escalates.

Your money stays within the community. Small businesses drive the local economy and if you refer to the local contractors the money stays within your community thus generating cash flow through the local economy.
A local organization recruits technicians that are proficient and have a great amount of expertise, being cautious about having the legitimate experience and preparation needed to service electric water heaters and providing premium services to the customers.

How can we help to solve your problem?

WtfixAir hopes that this post has assisted you to better comprehend not just how frequently you ought to maintain your electric water heater, yet additionally it adds to your knowledge of how the process is being done and the expenses that an authentic firm costs you.

You can constantly depend on WtfixAir to get you fast, reliable, and expert electric water heater maintenance within no time. We use the best-in-class analytic gear to source your electric water heater-related problems and fix them quickly. Get in touch with us for access to a 24-hour service, with no travel charges, and guaranteed licensed professionals.

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