How Often Should Home Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

Air conditioner plays an important role in giving you a joyful summer especially if you are living in Melbourne. Without having one, your home will get hotter and unable to tolerate, hence making all of you sweaty and itchy. That’s the last thing you would ever want right? Well, air conditioners not only keep your home clean but also make the environment healthier. They have purifiers that filter the air around you removing all the dust and debris they may have. It also filters out stinky smells and any harmful chemicals present in the air.


An air conditioner is no doubt a great appliance. But it will only be beneficial if you are taking good care of it. This can only be done by having a good servicing schedule.  If you want your air conditioner to work efficiently for a long time then it is very important to check it regularly. Not only this, a regular air conditioner is very important in order to facilitate smooth working of the entire system. Also, there will be less consumption of electricity and more savings. Now the most important question here is: How often should home air conditioning be serviced?


Well, usually a home air conditioning service in Melbourne should take place once or twice a year. This is done to ensure maximum efficiency of your system throughout the year. When all the parts will be cleaned and well maintained, your system will automatically save more energy and there will be less expenses. During the servicing procedure, the professional will closely inspect the whole unit and check whether there are any issues or not. They will also clean the air filters and air ducts for a smooth functioning of your system. Therefore it is very important to schedule an annual servicing. It is best if you are scheduling it before the hottest months of the year. So that your system can work perfectly when you need it the most.


Now it is very important that you know what is included in a professional air conditioning service. If you have hired a professional technician then they should perform these following inspections.


  • Checking the thermostat– This is one of the most important tasks that a technician should definitely perform. If your thermostat is installed properly and away from heat producing devices then it will ensure maximum efficiency.


  • Cleaning or changing air filters– As you might already know that air filters collect dust and dirt while operating in order to give you a clean environment. Dirty air filters can cause various problems like ice formation etc. that can further result in inappropriate cooling and other issues. Therefore, professionals keep a close check on cleaning or changing air filters as required.


  • AC evaporator coil cleaning- Dust and dirt present in the air are the core enemies of your air conditioning system. Therefore cleaning the dust and debris from the evaporator coils remains the main task of any technician you may hire.


  • Checking leakages- A professional in air conditioner services Melbourne will always check for dripping water or any kind of leakages that can cause serious damage to your system. This is one of the most important tasks and should not be ignored at any cost. They will also check for any kind of leakages from pipes and tubes inside your unit that may not be visible but can harm your system.


  • Coolant level check in an air conditioner- Well, an adequate coolant level is needed to cool the entire space properly. Therefore the technician will always check the level of coolant while servicing.


  • Overall inspection of the whole unit- Inspecting the key components like compressor, fan motor, thermostat etc. are some of the main tasks performed during air conditioning servicing Melbourne. If any issue is found then it is repaired or replaced as required.


Therefore the best way to get full efficiency out of your system is to have it serviced on a regular basis.


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