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HVAC stands for HEATING, VENTILATION & AIR CONDITION is a technology of environmental comfort of vehicles. Its goal is to convert and maintain air in good quality, with that it also provides thermal comfort. Sometimes its either HVACR or HACR where ‘R’ stands for refrigerator.



Heating in HVAC Services Melbourne basically refers to devices which can increase temperature of a particular environment. Generally devices used are furnace, heater or boiler. These are used either to heat air, water or anything solid also. If the heat generate is in a corner and has to be transferred in another in corner than they thermodynamical methods like convention, conduction and radiation can be used.


The V in HVAC services is for ventilation. Basically it changes or replaces the bad quality air with the good one. Bad quality air can have moisture, smoke, heat etc. This is a very important process in maintaining the thermal balance of any building. These can be of two types mechanical or the natural ventilation, the latter is always preferable.

Air condition:

The Air conditioning systems or coolers do the task of taking the fresh air, taking out the moisture, refreshing the air and giving it back into the building. This is done by using devices like compressors etc which are installed inside the coolants. The difference between air conditioning and refrigerator is that former throws cool air away from the coolant while the latter keeps coolant in a confide place.


  • HVAC expert Melbourne generally holds a bachelor’s degree in either HVAC or mechanical or architectural engineering.
  • Their daily jobs include repairing, maintaining, installing and building ventilators, heaters and coolers
  • A HVAC expert Melbourne is versatile that is they can design residential, industrial, commercial, social system (buildings).
  • With the designing they also are expected to solve existing system problems and prepare the budget.

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