Air conditioning in Melbourne . commercial cooling services in Melbourne

With the sunny weather at its peak and global warming increasing day by day be tend to install air conditioners but what if you already have air conditioner and its no actually giving cool air. In such cases, just dial to commercial cooling services in Melbourne.

They are the Dr. AC for your sick and damaged air conditioning devices

  • With the constant pulling and pushing out air the net inside is filled with dust and dirt, they are expert in cleaning it.
  • When there is constant on and off of power supply or when buildings are hit with load shedding, the cable wires tend to burn down. During such cases your AC may not function properly the commercial cooling services in Melbourne are expert a fixing it.

Air conditioning installation in Melbourne:

Melbourne, being a developed city has people of very thoughtful perspective. People demand for an external inverter for maintaining the ‘cold home mode’ in case of any power supply gone off.

Normally, people install their ACs with the traditional method but air conditioning installation in Melbourne works in a different way. They follow the manual of every brand and get their conditioners installed with the HVAC technicians of the same company.

Air conditioning in Melbourne

 Types of AC installation in Melbourne:

With many new companies coming up with various architecturally beautiful designs of Air Conditioners it becomes a task for the technicians to install the devices


  • A Window AC is installed in the window of the wall by either removing the glass sliding of window or additionally breaking the wall.
  • These don’t require huge amounts of cables and can be fitted simply. One thing to be noted is electricity or a switch board should be next to it.

That’s how Air conditioning installation in Melbourne happens!


  • These come with a dual – cooling and outdoor unit and additional cables, drainage wire and electricity wires.
  • The cooling unit can be installed on any wall in your room considering it is at a height of 6 – 8 ft.
  • The cables and wires are used to connect the cooling unit with the outdoor one.

So, irrespective of the shape your coolant has the AC installation in Melbourne happens perfectly. If you are a Melburnian you will know it!

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