Indicate That Your Air Conditioner Is In Trouble

A complete Air Condition guide – Air conditioning installation Melbourne

When you hear the temperature is 35 degrees or 43 degrees the only thing you can think of is a place like Antarctica. Well, let’s not think hypothetical situations but something which is possible. And that definitely is an AC!

For Air conditioning installation Melbourne everything comes with planning so let’s plan an AC in our room. Basically, every AC comes with a cooling unit, an outdoor unit (primarily, the compressor and condenser) and the cables. Let’s start


  • Plan your budget for a good and branded AC for your to be Iceland.
  • As it really matters for the entire room to be cold and not just a corner, decide a central location
  • Mark the measurements for the mounting plate and fix the plate on the wall. Make sure it is 6-8 ft. up.
  • Once the plate is fixed mark a 3 inches hole next to the plate, make sure there are no pipes and wires behind. Let the hole slope down and make room for drainage.
  • After checking all your connections run the electrical wires, cables and drainage pipe from the hole and connect them to the outdoor unit
  • Now, finally fix the cooling unit

That’s how Air Conditioning in Melbourne works. Let’s fix the second part

A complete Air Condition guide


  • Keep the outdoor unit away from the hot and sunny places
  • It depends on you whether you want to keep it down or fix it on the wall
  • If it’s kept on the ground fix the concrete pad, attach a rubber cushion and then fix the outdoor unit.
  • Attach the pipes and cables of the cooling unit to the outdoor unit

Air conditioning installation in Melbourne is must needed as it has started becoming sunny.

If you already have the life saver device but it’s not being helpful then let’s jump to the repairing section

Air conditioning repairs Melbourne works in 3 steps

1) If you know something is wrong with your device call the service center and inform them about it

2) If required they will send in one of their repairmen to fix it

3) If your AC is damaged very badly then they may replace it, but that is not a compulsion every company works according to its own terms and conditions

Customers are always requested to approach and Air conditioning repairs would gladly help.

Well, sometimes it may happen that there isn’t something wrong with your cold friend but it just needs some attention, so call up the Commercial heating and cooling services in Melbourne and service it. Every device has a life and as humans as we need some care and medicines when we are sick or damaged so does your cold friend. So call up the Commercial heating and cooling services in Melbourne and get you AC serviced.

And with that we come to and end of our tour. Hopefully we were a helpful and informative guide to you throughout the journey!!

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