Why My Ducted Air Conditioning Not Working?

Ducted Air Conditioner Service
Ducted Air Conditioner Service

A ducted air conditioner is a more complex structure of the air conditioning system according to several air conditioning service experts. The ducted air conditioner unlike the split system helps in cooling larger areas like bungalows, two or three rooms or even a large office. The ducted air conditioning system is very complex in terms of its structure. The duct i.e. the passage through which the air travels has to be built inside the house as it is not possible for people to install it inside primarily due to its large components. The duct system has a central air conditioning unit through which the air passes into the indoor rooms. The problem with the ducted air conditioning according to several air conditioner service experts (like https://www.wtfixair.com.au/melbourne/air-conditioner-service-tarneit/) is the lack of accessibility to several stretches of the duct system of air conditioning. The components are located in far stretches of the rooms and areas. Since the duct system cools more areas and spaces it requires much more area to make the cooling happen. Generally, the cost involved in servicing the duct system of air conditioning is very high owing to the cost of the different part of the machine and the lack of accessibility. It requires a lot of skill and effort for cleaning the duct system. Companies like Wtfixair, who are experts in installation and servicing, have a dedicated team of technicians just for servicing the duct system. In other words, if you want your machine to get greater attention do keep in mind of calling companies like Wtfixair so that you won’t have to compromise on the quality of service. 


Ducted Air Conditioning Not working? Why?

Ac service companies who deal with people and their complaints have said that the problem of not turning on is prevalent. One of the major reasons for your air conditioner not turning on is that you don’t take care of it. Yes, you heard it right. Lack of care towards the machine means lack of service. Aircon services have time and again asked its users to make sure they service their machines at least once in two months in case of split system and once in 4 months in case of a duct system, in order to avoid problems. Clogged or dirty air filter is the major problem that results in the duct system not turning on. The dirt clogged in the air filter will prevent the air from flowing and thereby heats up the condenser, the condenser does an emergency shut down. Another reason is the leak in the duct, the duct that helps in air passage may have leaks or openings outside primarily due to faulty installation. Another probable reason could that of the circuit breaker installed. When there are a power overload the circuit breaker trips causing the machine to shut down. Short cycling caused due to a faulty thermostat, is also part of the problem. Hence, if any such above problems arise, do make sure to consult good air conditioning service experts like Wtfixair.

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