Split Air Conditioner Not Working

Why is My Split Air Conditioner Not Working?

Split Air Conditioner Service
Split Air Conditioner Service

Generally, according to air conditioning services across the globe the issue of a split air conditioner not working is nothing new. Don’t get it wrong, it doesn’t mean that all split systems are faulty rather what it collectively means is that most humans in this planet have the same psychological mindset. Many of us are too lazy to get the air conditioner system serviced, says aircon service experts. This is the sole reason why many have complaints about their system. An air conditioner is a machine which functions component by component. Each component needs to receive the right amount of servicing for them to function smoothly. Enter Wtfixair, one of the most famous and sought after installation and ac service expert. The biggest advantage of hiring a service expert like Wtfixair is that they do have a strong technical team that is dedicated to catering the needs of the users, hence it is important to have a skilled workforce. The air conditioner is divided into a duct/central system of air conditioner and split system. Normally a split system has two parts to it, one is the indoor unit and the other is the condenser unit placed outside the house. Both function together to cool typically a smaller area like a room or two in case of a house. 


Split system not working?

Like what we said earlier, at least 80% of all the service requirements that arise are due to the negligence of the users. Air conditioner service companies always recommend its users to have their machines checked up at least twice in four months. Normally a seasonal check can also be made possible especially when just after winter and before the summer season. There are several reasons that can be attributed towards a split system not working, one of the major ones is the tripping of the circuit breaker. Normally a circuit breaker trips when there are heavy loads of electricity. In such a scenario the split system may not function smoothly. Another reason is the clog in the air filter. An air filter is normally a bypass through the outside and inside air, stopping dirt or dust that may have crawled up. The air filter when gets clogged up with dust or dirt needs to be cleaned to avoid problems. If not, then the airflow will get stopped and in turn, the condenser unit heats up and the emergency alarms inside the machine automatically fire to shut the machine down. Hence the air filter needs to be cleaned often. Another reason could be that the condenser fan is not working or in other words, the condenser fan burned out. In such a scenario the machine will not work as expected. The next and imminent reason is a faulty thermostat. This problem is so frequent, if the thermostat doesn’t function as expected, then the air conditioner will also not function as required. 

Proper care and concern must be shared with your machine as well. Hence companies like Wtfixair is available round the clock to help you with the issues. If you are looking air conditioning service Caroline Springs then contact to Wtfixair.

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