AC Blowing Hot Air

Why is My AC Blowing Hot Air in the House?

AC Blowing Hot Air
AC Blowing Hot Air

A common problem encountered by homeowners is that their air conditioners blow warm air. If it happens on a sultry day, it may make you sweat literally and visually. There are two most common causes of hot air from household AC. First, there is a problem with the compressor or external equipment, or AC refrigerant is insufficient. Please note that continuing to operate AC power under these conditions will seriously damage the equipment. Turn it off and wait for the professional.

Both of these issues require professional help. Persons without communication maintenance experience should not open the compressor unit. It is because the compressor may be easily damaged and is the heart of the communication system. Likewise, the loss of refrigerant will require professionals to add new “charges” and check for potential leaks.

Another explanation for this problem is that the thermostat is about “heating” mode. Also, the temperature could also be set too high. Make sure to set it to “Cool” and turn it down to low temperature. The pipes may be damaged or disconnected, drawing in outdoor air or uncooled indoor air. Unless you can open the damper, you may need an air conditioner service Armadale professional.

You may be experiencing a situation where the power supply for the blower or fan and indoor components is activated, but the power supply for the outdoor compressor unit is not. This will cause hot air to blow out through the ventilation holes. Please check the circuit breaker carefully to ensure that the external equipment is powered on.

Airflow may be restricted to the AC unit, this may be because the filter has not been replaced recently, or because dust has accumulated inside the outdoor unit. Try to replace the AC filter, if the problem persists, please call an air conditioning service Armadale professional.

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