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Welcome to WTFIXAIR! We are a leading source of heating and cooling services for your home and office throughout the areas of Melbourne. We have been serving with our superior services for Heating and Cooling Melbourne along with 100% customer satisfaction. We have prominent referral rate in the market. Our teams of technicians are skilled and knowledgeable to repair and install the heating and cooling appliances of all the brands and models. We feel proud to operate locally for facilitating our customers with a feeling of hiring their neighbors and supporting the local community.

Heating and cooling

Central heating system:

A central heating is an arrangement with a sole power supply which has the capability to provide heated air in a whole house by distributing the air in every room via a network of ventilation ducts or pipes. Energy sources differ according to their convenience by region such as oil, gas, electricity, propane, and wood being most frequently used.

Services we offer for a central heating system are:

  • Enveloping warmth
  • Checking for ideal humidity level that it does not dry the air
  • Reduction of dust and allergy risks for the healthy indoor environment
  • Silent operation
  • Extending life of an appliance with regular servicing packages

Central Air conditioning system:

Central air conditioning system circulates the flow of air through a chain of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts and registers, which open up in the walls, floors, or ceiling that are covered by grills, transmit the cooled air from an air conditioning system to the home. This cooled air gets warm as it is circulated from the house and then flows back to the central air conditioner through return ducts and registers.

We offer our services for both Heating and Cooling Melbourne because we are not only experienced in repairing and installing the appliances but we also expertized in understanding the proper work process for both the central heating and air conditioning system.

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