Unusual Odor Coming From The Air Conditioner

Why Unusual Odor Coming From The Air Conditioner?

Just imagine if you turn your air conditioner on, hoping to have a cool environment on a humid day. But suddenly your room starts smelling really bad. Like a wet sock! Ugh, no one can tolerate the musty odor for a long time. Unfortunately, not even you. You’ll have to turn off the air conditioner. The only question that you will have in your mind is :

Why Unusual odor coming from the Air Conditioner? 

Read it further to know the most common reasons for the musty odor coming out of your air conditioner system.

  • Air conditioner smelling like an exhaust fan- An air conditioner uses some fluids while operating. If your system smells like an exhaust fan, most likely it is due to the leak in refrigerant lines. This can impact the performance of your air conditioning system. You should get it checked by a professional as soon as possible. WtfixAir is the most preferred company for air conditioning service in your location. You can contact us.

  • Air conditioner smelling like gunpowder – An air conditioner has a lot of components that help in the efficient functioning of the whole system. If your air conditioner is smelling like gunpowder, it is surely due to the burning of one of these components inside your air conditioning system. 

  • Air conditioner smelling like rotten eggs- If you have noticed your air conditioner smelling like rotten eggs. Reason must be birds and insects who take shelter in your air ducts. It’s necessary to pest proof your air conditioner to avoid this problem. 

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