Why No Air Blowing from Air Conditioner Vents in Home?

No Air Blowing
No Air Blowing

The most common cause of low airflow through the vents in your home is blocked or dirty air conditioner filters.

Reasons for no air blowing from air conditioner vents:-

  • Old version / outdated design

Due to the old model or outdated design, many problems arise in air conditioners and this one is one of them. Due to this outdated or old version their parts do not work properly, due to which this problem arises. This is the reason why you should contact Wtfixair without any delay. They provide the best air conditioner service in Knoxfield.

  • Dirty coils

This is the most important part because it does not detect heat due to the accumulation of dirt in it. Due to which your poor air conditioner unit has to work very hard so that your room remains cool but it makes your air conditioner warmer. 

  • The thermostat

The problem is given above also due to thermostat malfunction or low battery. If you have any such problem with your air conditioner then you can contact Wtfixair.

  • Blocked ducts

What if dust accumulates in your air conditioner’s duct system? Small particles of clay get stuck in the duct system which later causes problems. The walls of the ductwork can also develop holes or cracks where air leaks out. So all of these problems will be solved by cleaning your duct.  

 There are some symptoms that should not be ignored when such troubles arise in the air conditioner:– 

  • Hot air starts generating, and you KNOW something is wrong with your air conditioner.
  • The air does not come out of the air conditioner, then either the problem is in the entire air conditioner space or it does not come in the vents of the same room. This is when you begin to realize something is wrong.
  • If there is a different sound from your air conditioner or some bad smell, then understand that there is some problem with your air conditioner.

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