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What is the Average cost of air conditioner installation in Melbourne Australia?

When choosing an HVAC system, it is important to consider the features like capacity, efficiency, and convenience, but these features would not do any good to you, if not installed properly. Professional and appropriate HVAC installation allows a new heating or cooling system to function true to form and perform to the levels stated.

Air conditioning installation and the costs involved can vary depending upon the family size, selection of the unit, brand, and expected utilization, which will impact the final price. Air conditioner installation should be carefully done by seeking professional advice. The most appropriate amount to be spent on the AC installation needs to be reasonable, so you are not paying excessively high, or excessively little for quality service and continued utilization. Wtfixair focuses on meeting each of the client’s needs considering the affordability.


Residential Air Conditioner –

Residential air conditioning system requires and serves a lesser area than the commercial frameworks. A Residential Air Conditioner draws less amount of power to cool depending upon the space it serves. Residential frameworks are the central systems that are connected to a series of ducts, with the evaporator and condenser in different areas of the property. Residential AC frameworks are complex to install and require installation of the framework by licensed professionals.


Types of residential air conditioning :

Choosing the right type of air conditioner for residential spaces is quintessential to having the ideal comfort and keeping energy utilization under control. While most homeowners centers around the capacity and energy rating of an air conditioner, considering the design, type and functionality are likewise vital. The following are the well-known types of residential air conditioning systems:

  • Window Air Conditioners
  • Through the wall Air Conditioners
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners
  • PTAC Cooling & Heating
  • Central Air Conditioning


The average cost of Residential air conditioner installation

The most common type of air-conditioner which is preferred in Australian homes is Split-System Air Conditioner, which includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected by pipes. Although the upfront installation costs are more significant than a portable unit, these frameworks are typically one of the most cost-effective choices in the long run. The amount that residential AC installation will cost depends upon the tradesperson’s charges to install the framework. The residential AC framework installation charges usually range from 150$ – 200$, depending upon:

  • The brand and the model of the unit
  • The size and the capacity (usually measured in kilowatts)
  • The features of the framework, such as app compatibility,  eco modes, and Wi-Fi.
  • The time of year
  • Prevailing offers


Commercial Air Conditioner

From small to huge commercial settings, the commercial air conditioner is utilized to heat, cool, and dehumidify the air. Commercial air conditioners are used in commercial properties, to maintain a comfortable temperature and air quality for employees and customers in all types of seasons. These commercial frameworks work on the HVAC system working system that is by drawing air from within the room and turning it hot or cool. Commercial AC frameworks usually combine the cooling and heating units in a single rooftop package, which prevents any sort of interference to the occupants’ work due to the noise produced while running the unit, and also assists the business in conserving physical space. As the business occupies a large area, the commercial air conditioners are built to be much more powerful than the residential frameworks.


Types of Commercial Air Conditioning

Most commercial areas, from little stores to cafes to large workplaces and public spots, have commercial air conditioners. To meet the diverse requirements of the present world, Air conditioning systems come in a variety of cooling and heating capacities along with various layouts and configurations. Following are the most well-known sorts of air conditioning systems:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner
  • Multi Split Air Conditioner
  • VRF and VRV
  • Chillers


The average cost of Commercial air conditioner installation –

Whether you want an air conditioning system for your home office, business, warehouse, or high-rise development, Wtfixair can configure and install a commercial air conditioning system to best suit your requirements. Our skilled service department integrates a committed full-time facilitator to guarantee a prompt response to breakdowns, requests for repair, and all upkeep needs. Wtfixair’s average cost of installation of commercial air conditioner ranges from 130$-200$, depending upon the design, brand, capacity, and other customer preferred requirements.


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