What are the Causes Of Air Conditioner Airflow Problems?

Air Conditioner Airflow Problems
Air Conditioner Airflow Problems

As professionals in air conditioning service, we have faced this situation a lot of time. Why is an air conditioner facing airflow issues? Before we move on to the reasons for these airflow issues. Let’s first have a brief on the signs indicating an airflow problem. It can include an imbalance in pressure, hot or cold spots etc. But having a lack of airflow or weak airflow is the easiest one to notice. If you’re facing any of them then it can be a reason for airflow problems. If you’re trying to ignore this issue, it can lead to the failure of the compressor. A compressor failure can result in the replacement of your whole unit, as it is considered as the heart of the air conditioner system.

WtfixAir is the most preferred brand for air conditioner service in Greensborough. We offer the best professionals for servicing your unit in an efficient manner. Now let’s have a brief on some causes of air conditioner airflow problems:-

  • Blockage in the condenser unit- The condenser unit is located outside your house also known as an outside unit. It is really essential to keep it clean and free from any dust or debris. Also, make sure there are not any plants grown near your condenser unit. The reason because plants are the main obstruction for the outside unit. If it’s cleaned properly, it will ensure the smooth airflow.
  • Clogged air filters – Air filters help in cleaning all the dust and allergies causing pollutants from the air hence circulating pure air all over the room. If they are not cleaned frequently, it will obstruct the airflow hence causing hot and cold spots.
  • Leakage in ducts- Ducts are the narrow components present in your air conditioner. Hence, chances are more of becoming clogged. The walls of the ductwork tend to develop cracks that further results in leakages.

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