Central Heating Repair

Maintenance Checklist for Central Heating Repair in Melbourne

Have you ever thought of traveling miles without checking the oil, air pressure of all tires, and a tank full of fuel? No,  right. The same applies for the heater or furnace at your home as well. Preventing the unit with regular heater service Melbourne can literally expand the life of the system and it is a trusted method to have a trouble-free operation and peak performance of the heater unit.

Heater repair Melbourne

HVAC maintenance checklist:

  • Examine unit for appropriate refrigerant level and modify, if necessary.
  • Check base pan for delimited drain openings and remove obstructions if there is any.
  • Clean dirt, leaves, pollens, and dust from the filtration pads.
  • Clean oil and cabinets
  • Test the fan blades and motor to check for wear and damage and lubricate the components as needed.
  • Inspect the compressor and connected tubes to check for any damage, if any.
  • Also inspect the control box associated accessories wiring connections. The panels may include relays, contactors, circuit boards, sump heat, capacitors, and other components as well.
  • Control box and electrical wiring should be checked thoroughly.
  • Inspect and clean the combustion blower for any lint and debris.
  • Clean the evaporator coils, condensate drain lines, and drain pan.

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