How to Remove Ducted Air Conditioner Ceiling Vents?

Air Conditioning Service
Air Conditioning Service

An air conditioner duct is like a passage through which air flows. In case of a ducted air conditioning system, the duct passes through the entire building. If there is any leakage in the duct system of air conditioning the dust from the entire house can creep into the system and can crawl into the house, says air conditioner service expert company Wtfixair. According to ac service companies, a lot of people don’t take their time and a little bit of effort that is required to remove and clean the ceiling vents of their ducted air conditioning system. The cost is the issue claims Aircon services, as duct system is much costlier to install and at the same time it is costlier to service even if it is for a small tweak.  Air conditioning service experts claim that dirty ducts are the home to uncountable pathogens, bacteria, allergens which contribute to air pollution indoors. Remember, Ducts and vents are the sources of invading, alien bodies in our house. The amount of airborne allergens is likely to be higher if your home has carpets, pets, or humid conditions. Clearly, this less than optimal indoor air quality is an issue for people living with asthma or older people with respiratory problems.


How to Remove Ceiling Vents?

Before you remove ducted heating ceiling vents, you should have several tools on hand to get the job done safely and properly. This includes a stepladder, a screwdriver, a drop cloth and a pair of goggles. With these tools within reach, you can follow this simple step-by-step guide to remove vents:

  1. Turn off the power to the system to stop dust from blowing into your eyes
  2. Place a drop cloth under the vent to protect your floors from falling dirt and debris
  3. Place a stepladder on the drop cloth and carefully climb it while holding a screwdriver
  4. Locate and remove the screws while placing one hand over the vent in case it falls
  5. Carefully lower the detached vent, placing the screws in your pocket so they won’t be lost

Even if you follow all the above steps, companies like Wtfixair always recommend its users to not involve themselves in more work as the machine is totally functional only through electricity. In order to protect the user from any harm, they do advise the user discretion when it comes to DIYing. If the user feels that they need assistance from Aircon services, there are a lot of them ready for helping you out. But there is a caveat to it that needs to be kept in mind. While you hire an ac service expert, it is important to hire a top-class quality service expert like Wtfixair. Since what they are dealing with is a duct system, it is important that the service and all such work needs to be done with the greatest of care and concern otherwise the work done to repair the damage will in itself turn out to be damage that may bite your back. 

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