Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Adequately Cooling Your Home?

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Home
Air Conditioner Not Cooling Home

Air Conditioner cooling problems are quite common especially in summer and here are some causes that could reduce the efficiency of your appliance.

  1. Wrong setting of the thermostat, make sure it is set for cold.
  2. Clogging of Filters and drain pipe.
  3. Faulty installation of new Air conditioners can also be the cause.
  4. Low Refrigerant level or leakage may contribute to this issue.
  5. Make sure you have bought Air Conditioner according to the size of the room, as otherwise most of your room will not get enough cooling.
  6. Lastly, check if the Air Conditioner fans are working properly or not.

Moreover, you will need to service it once a year to troubleshoot these issues. Thus contact Air Conditioner Repair for it.

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