Why Is My Air Conditioner’s Outdoor Fan Not Spinning?

Air Conditioner Outdoor Fan Not Spinning
Air Conditioner Outdoor Fan Not Spinning

Generally, if you live where it is very sunny, your Air Conditioners eventually become your savior. For instance, when you work hard all day in summer, you will need to feel relaxed coming at some point in the day. Especially, when you come home you will need a relaxing atmosphere. So, Air Conditioners are important for you to make you feel comfortable. Servicing is important for your Air Conditioner to make it run smoothly. Usually, just like you will need the best relaxing feeling your Air Conditioner will need the best servicing to run smoothly. And WtfixAir has become one of the most rated and trusted for its Air Conditioning Service. Furthermore, when you ignore the servicing of your Air Conditioner it will have its consequences. For example, when you don’t service your Air Conditioner for a long time it will rust the parts of your Air Conditioner.

Thus, when we talk about that outdoor fan of your Air Conditioner and it’s problem of spinning. Some reasons can help you identify why the fan of your Air Conditioning is not spinning. Firstly, there might be two things for you to notice while identifying the issue of your outdoor fan. First, when you notice that the compressor of the outdoor unit is working and the only fan is not spinning. And second, both the compressor of the outdoor unit and fan are not working. When we look at the first problem, it can be because of the bad fan motor or a bad capacitor. When your capacitor is faulty the fan motor of your Air Conditioner can not start. And thus the outdoor fan does not spin. Looking at the second problem, it can be because of the no power or a defective compressor contractor. 

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