Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling Enough?

Air Conditioner Not Cooling
Air Conditioner Not Cooling
Air Conditioner Not Cooling

There are multiple reasons for Air Conditioner not cooling enough. Some common ones are listed below.
1. Check for any open windows, as there are high chances that the cool air might have been just escaping.
2. Unclean filters may be the next culprit. Clean them once a month with a cloth.
3. Further, ensure that your AC has enough refrigerant and there is no leakage.
4. Lastly, check your Condenser outside, if it’s dirty, clean it carefully as it sometimes reduces the efficiency of the Air Conditioner.

Moreover, there could be a need for repairing or replacement of some internal parts and thus you require assistance. Therefore, get in touch with your Air Conditioner Repair for fixing it properly.

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