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Why Is My Air Conditioner Smells Bad When Turned On?

An unpleasant odour after turning on the air conditioner can be very annoying. If your system smells bad, then you can contact us for air conditioning repair Kensington. WtfixAir offers the best air conditioning repair to fix your issues. However, there can be some reasons that may cause the air conditioner to produce a foul smell.

If you notice a stinky smell from your system. A possible reason could be improper drainage. So, the foul smell will come from the unit. Because of water sitting in the system that is not draining properly. Thus, you need a professional cleaning of your system.

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Sometimes people notice a smell like fumes. The fumes like smell could be caused by the fluids in the unit. So, probably there is any leakage of fluid from internal parts. You can give us a call to book your slot.

Burning like smell is also encountered. However, it will eliminate the functioning of the system. Because of the sorting of the unit's fan motor or circuit board.

If you notice a rotten egg-like smell. Then the cause of the odour may be a dead animal. Often birds and rodents take shelter in your air duct. Because of this when they die, they decompose and give a horrible smell.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

There are many causes for your air conditioner blowing warm air. WtfixAir experts can fix your issues with the best air conditioning repair Kensington. Our technicians diagnose the issue and fix them properly in no time. You can get immediate help. Here are some common problems that can cause blowing warm air:

  • The thermostat is set incorrect: Make sure that your thermostat is not set to “heat”. Also, check if your thermostat is set to ‘auto’ or ‘on’ mode. If it is ‘on’ then the fan will blow even when the air conditioner is not cooling. So, this will cause your air conditioner to blow hot air.
  • Restricted airflow: An airflow restriction to and from the air conditioner results in little air coming out of vents. The restricted airflow may also freeze the compressor. Also, this may happen because the unit has not repaired for a long time.
  • The outside unit is not getting power: The air conditioner has two main components: indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit comprises a fan that blows in the air. But, it will blow cool air only when the outdoor unit is working. It may have happened that the circuit breaker has tripped or the fuse has blown. So, the outdoor unit is not getting power.

Why Is My Air Conditioning System Freezing Up?

A frozen air conditioner will either blow hot or cool air or nothing at all. WtfixAir provides the best air conditioning repair Kensington to solve such issues. The air conditioning system works through a refined control of temperature, pressure, and airflow. If any of these gets out of balance, the system could freeze up. Here are some of the reasons for freezing up your unit.

  • Lack of airflow: This is a common reason. Lack of airflow may be caused due to
  • collapsed duct,
  • bad blower motor,
  • low voltage to the fan,
  • clogged air filter.

If something blocks the duct then it will naturally block the airflow. Improper airflow will result in freezing up the unit.

  • Low refrigerant: Another reason for the frozen unit may be the low refrigerant. The level of refrigerant inside the coil matters a lot. Because it manages the air pressure. If there is not enough refrigerant level then due to lack of pressure it will freeze up.
  • Low outdoor temperature: Another possible reason may be operating the unit when the outside temperature is low. In such a case, run the air conditioner using fan mode.

Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud And Noisy?

Your air conditioning system could make a sound. There are a few reasons for the unit is so loud. You can contact WtfixAir for air conditioning repair Kensington to fix the issue. The rattling and squealing of your air conditioner may be due to any of the listed reasons.

  • Many systems use an isolation pad to absorb the motion noise. This motion noise is produced by the internal parts like fans. These pads can wear over time. And crumble producing loud noises from your unit.
  • Another reason may include the installation of refrigerant lines very tightly. In such a case, you can contact us for adjusting the system. Because this cannot be fixed on your own.
  • Loose parts can also cause loud noise. Our experienced experts will tighten the parts and replace the broken ones.
  • The failure of the unit’s motor may also produce a heavy and loud noise. In such a case, you must contact the tech immediately. So that further damage can be avoided.
  • The outdoor unit’s compressor or indoor unit’s blower motor is old and has malfunctioned.
  • A leaking internal refrigerant valve can damage your unit. And it produces a hissing sound from the compressor motor.

Contact our best tech experts to fix your issues at a reasonable cost.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Unit Leaking Water Inside My House?

Falling a few drops of water from your air conditioner is nothing to worry about. But, if you notice a huge water leakage then you must contact repair services. WtfixAir offers the best air conditioning repair Kensington. You can contact us and get the service at your place. The following are a few reasons for water leakage:

  • Unclean filters: The air conditioner has air filters. This air filter sorts the dust and dirt from the atmosphere. And, allows clean and fresh air in the house. These air filters clog due to dust. So, it must be cleaned and changed periodically. The clogged air filter results in heavy water leakage. So, to fix this problem you can contact us for the best service.
  • Damage condensate tray: The condensate tray collects the condensed water. However, if this gets damaged or rusted then it may cause huge leakage. Our experts can fix this issue in no time. You can book your slot for the repair service.
  • Blocked drain pipe: Another major cause for water leakage may include a blocked drainpipe. The drain carries out water from the unit. The blockage of the drain pipe spills the water out and causes leakage from the unit’s body.