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Split System Air Conditioners

WTFIX AIRis happy to help you! If you have installed a split system air conditioner at your home/business and looking to repair it in Victoria or Melbourne our team of experts can help you. Irrespective of the brand, we can offer you timely AC services that will bring back smiles to your face. Our years of experience and dedication will surely give you better services than ever.

What is a split system air conditioner?

Split and multi-split type air conditioning systems use electrical wires and tubing to supply cool air in a particular room or area.Split and multi-split type air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort. It lowers cost and keeps environmental impact. A split system uses an outdoor and indoor unit to generate cool air. It houses the compressor and the condenser coil, outside the room you want to cool. This type of air conditioner is ideal for areas that are not fit for window AC units.

We install air conditioners in both residential and commercial areas in Melbourne and Victoria. Check out our price list and call us to get assistance.

Split system air conditioner advantage:-

  • Individual Control
  • Saves energy and Cost
  • Flexible Installation
  • Less maintenance

Split system air conditioners maintenance

It is very easy to maintain a split system air conditioner at your home or business. Regular maintenance reduces strain, fans and compressors which is often the cause of breakdown or failure. If you are frustrated and your AC does not work, you need to call its expert from WTFIX AIR.

For all your residential air conditioning installation, repairs and service needs we are always ready. Contact us so that our technicians can discuss your requirements and plan the installation as soon as possible. We are available to you 24*7.

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