Gas Heater Service. 

Gas heaters are prone to get damaged as they are one of the fragile appliances that you have. Although there are many things that you can’t do by yourself to repair the damage. Well, no need to worry, WtfixAir has got you covered. We have a team of skilled and licensed technicians that are very well aware of their work. We are considered as the best Heater service in Springvale. 

Apart from this, we have made a list of things that you can do on your own to save yourself from expensive damages. Regularly maintaining your gas heater can do wonders for your system. It can increase its efficiency and lifespan. Let’s have a look at these tasks:-


  • Cleaning or Changing air filter – Air filters play a vital role in the smooth functioning of your gas heaters. Eventually, during operation, they tend to gather dust and debris from the environment hence making the air clean. But these dust and pollutants when collected in large amounts, result in blocking the air filters. Hence they should be cleaned on a frequent basis. Normally within a duration of 2 or 3 months. Some air filters are permanent which means you just have to pull them out, clean them, and fix it again. Others need to be replaced when required. 



  • Cleaning the vacuum furnace- Just make sure that your furnace room is clean as required. It will automatically keep the furnace working to its full efficiency. 



  • Cleaning of blower area- The blower area is present just behind the air filter in gas heaters. This is responsible for circulating warm air all over your house. Hence cleaning it can do wonders. 


But if you have already done all the tasks mentioned above, then it’s time to call a professional from WtfixAir. We are a leading company for Heating service Springvale. Our professionals can handle any issue very easily. Hence adding years to the lifespan of your Gas heater. 

Gas heaters service

Suppose you have a gas heating system in your house. If you have some issues with that, Heating service Springvale agency is interested in supporting you. Natural gas and propane are odorless. The spicy scent is from a solvent, mercaptan, applied to both to alert you to a gas leak. This is crucial knowledge if you want to use your gas heater.

Heater service Springvale knows the instinct to save some money, but if you have any questions about your ability to work on your home gas heater, please contact us.

Switch off the power to your furnace not only at the furnace but also at the circuit breaker panel. If you smell mercaptan (similar to rotten eggs), clear the field, remove dogs, open doors and windows, and call your gas provider or trusted HVAC contractor.


  • Clean and replace your filter. 


Some filters are permanent, which indicates that you can slip them out, wipe them out, and replace them; some are removable and can only be substituted for an identical size and thickness match.


  • Vacuum furnace room


Keeping your furnace room tidy would keep your furnace clean.


  • Check thermostat setting


Check and change the programmable thermostat settings; if the battery is powered, swap the batteries twice a year and consider replacing an older unit with a new Wi-Fi thermostat to save money.


  • Clean blower area 


Immediately behind the air philter in your gas furnace is the blower that pushes warm air into your home; use a wet cloth to disinfect the blower, the pulleys, the belts, and the housing to eliminate debris and dust.


  • Inspect ductwork


For accessible areas of your home ducts, look for missing seams and use mastic (not duct tape) to fix them. If you can get a vacuum hose inside your ducts, vacuum it, or recommend getting professional duct cleaning done to improve indoor air quality.