How are our heater services in Mitcham best for you?

 We are single-minded in our approach and specialize in supplying your heaters with the most trustworthy and qualified technicians.

Our skilled technicians are available 24/7. And our services include the supply, installation, and repair of every type of heaters. Our professional electricians work with several of the leading brands with a variety of heater models.

Every device is unique and different and thus should be treated and served well to increase its shell life for a longer run.

 We are thankful to our customers and owe our achievement to them. We not only take care of our customers’ needs but make it our priority.

Our heater servicing in Mitcham is purely transparent and we use certified units to repair and replace the damaged units, unlike going for cheap replacements. We firmly believe in customer satisfaction policy and thus complete our tasks with honesty.

For us, our customers aren’t just customers but friends too. We always keep in mind that our customers should have their queries resolved by end of service.

You may check out our website for further queries or to make an appointment with us. Our helpline is available 24/7 where you can make a call and get your device installed/repaired with ease.

 The types of heater services in Mitcham we provide at Wtfixair

Our device needs an expert and we at Wtfix Air try our best to justify this. So if you are looking for the best heater repair and installation service in Mitcham, then give us a call on 1300 019 320 our technicians are looking forward to helping you.  Our services include the supply, installation, and repair of every type of heaters available in the market today.

We are quite versatile when it comes to devices. We are well equipped and versed in repairing and installation of all kinds of water heaters, hydronic heating systems, and electrical heaters of various models from various companies.

Apart from that we have also installed and serviced gas ducted heaters and gas heaters also.

Following are the types of services we provide at Wtfix air:                                                                    

  1.       Cleaning of your heater
  2.       Service and repair of grilles and vents
  3.       Repair of the duct system
  4.       Carbon monoxide test for safety
  5.       Circuit repair
  6.       Checking for leakage of fuel line
  7.       Installation of your heaters

FYI, there are three broad categories of servicing one has to carry out for good maintenance of their device,

  1. Regular servicing

 Regular or periodic servicing is supposed to be carried out every 6-12 months. This type of servicing is done to ensure the working and cleaning of your air filters. Also in regular services, one can get their device serviced as per the urgent request too. These urgent requests can arise due to the unavoidable behavior of your appliance.

  1.     Annual or bi-annual checkup/servicing

Our professional technicians carry out a bi-annual or annual checkup of the unit carried out every 1-2 years. A thorough checkup is carried out of your heater, and especially carbon monoxide test is carried out for the gas heaters to ensure safety.

  1.     Repair

Just like regular servicing, we also repair the device if needed. There might be some damaged circuits or thermostats which might need repair or replacement.