What do you do if your heater isn’t working?

If you follow all the steps below and your heat continues to be not working, then you’ll probably have to contact heating service Melton West or furnace repair technician at Wtfixair near you to come out and repair your heater. 

If your heating system isn’t working, the primary thing to try to do is determine why. In most cases, the explanation for a furnace heating not working is really a malfunctioning thermostat or a tripped breaker (or blown fuse), and not an issue with the furnace itself. It’s important to keep heating systems in perfect condition for the cold winter months. To prevent your heater from not working within the future, a bit of motor maintenance before the cold winter season can go an extended way. 

When winter nears, vacuum out the area surrounding the furnace’s blower. If you can, slide out the fan unit and clean the blades of the fan with a toothbrush. Use a brush attachment on your vacuum to vacuum it out. 

Next to the motor shaft, see if there are oil ports on the motor. If so, add a pair drops of non-detergent gas into the ports. You must remove a cover plate to try to do so. If your motor has oil ports, you must lubricate it once a year. 

Follow these steps to induce to the source of the problem: 

  • Make sure your thermostat is about to heat mode. 
  • If your thermostat is battery-powered, try changing the batteries to determine if it helps. 
  • Check that the electrical fuse is on which the breaker for the furnace has not tripped. 
  • Be sure the furnace’s power switch is turned on. it’s usually located next to or inside the furnace cabinet. If it’s off, turn the start and expect the furnace to begin up. 
  • The motor in your furnace might have to be reset if it had been overloaded. There should be a button near the motor. Press the button. If nothing happens, wait a half hour and check out again. 
  • Turn off the facility to the furnace at the main electrical panel or sub-panel. Search for a fuse on the ability switch. If there’s one and it’s blown, change it following the manufacturer’s guide.

It’s always recommendable to contact or seek guidance from heater service Melton West.

What Are The Important Steps That Should Be Kept In Mind While Servicing A Heater?

Your heater protects you from cold chilly winters and keeps your home warm and comfortable. So you too need to take care of your system by calling timely services. If you are new to Melbourne or you need Heater Service in Melton West for the first time, you should consider these things.


First of all, look at your heater and find out what services you want. For eg, if your heater is working fine you will just need a routine service for cleaning and maintenance but if it’s broken or not even turning on then you need some repair or replacement work. In this step, you will be able to find your needs and budget.


Now open your laptop and search for heater services near you. Here you will get a list of top Heating Services in Melton West. Now you can easily get to know their services and match it up with your demands.

 find out 

  • Type of services they provide
  • Model they serve
  • Location 
  • Previous records then proceed further.


After verifying the above things and shortlisting a few of the best services. Here comes the call to action part where you will approach them either by visiting their site or calling them directly.

While booking the right service get all the details such as time of appointment, service charge, terms and conditions these measures reduce the chances of frauds or unnecessary expensive service.

Well, if you want to save your energy from performing these lengthy steps, call WtfixAir, the first choice of every Heater owner. We offer a complete solution to all kinds of heating systems at affordable rates. Furthermore, our highly dedicated experts are available 24/7. So, Book us now.