Heater service in Lilydale

Imagine sitting in a room with no heater on a bone freezing night. Sounds like a nightmare right?

And now think of yourself sitting in a cozy room with regulated heating regardless of how cold is outside with a mug of hot chocolate in your hand. What a blissful vibe, right?

Heaters are life saviors in winters, especially when you live in an area where the temperature drops drastically. But using your heaters a lot to tackle the chilled weather outside may put your device to its threshold. 

When your appliance hits its threshold limit it may become less efficient or in the worst case may stop working or fluctuate or may shut down every time you switch it on after a period.

So what to do in such situations?

Worry not!

We at Wtfix Air have a perfect solution to your daily winter discomfort. 

So if you are looking for immediate or regular servicing, we suggest you go ahead with these stated parameters to maintain the device for a longer run,

  • Make an appointment for servicing of your heater every two years, if the model is quite old then get your appliance heater serviced in Lilydale every year.
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • If you hear ‘pop’ or buzzy noises coming from your appliance immediately turn off the current supply.
  • If sparks are coming from the electric line, turn down the MCB.
  • Keep inflammable objects away from your gas heaters at any cost.
  • Turn off the heaters when not in use.
  • Never use ‘aerosols’ or packed cans near the gas heaters when the pilot light is on.

Benefits of heater services in Lilydale

The benefits of periodic servicing are to extend the lifespan of your device. No doubt that every device has some limitations. But there are several methods to overcome them. The listed are some benefits one gets through heater servicing in Lilydale,

  1. The serving limit gets extended

Just like a human body needs a periodic checkup to ensure healthy working. Similarly, our appliances also need time to time maintenance to ensure healthy working. The idea of servicing also becomes important when you reside in areas of extreme weather, especially in areas of nail-biting winters the heaters are used all day long. Due to this, the device may hit its threshold.

But if the device is serviced timely, the shell life of the appliance may increase and it can run for more years.

  1.     Enhances the air quality

With time, the appliance accumulates a considerate amount of dust particles which can also hold harmful bacteria. Such bacteria can impart foul odor and can also lower the air quality of the space. That’s why servicing is needed; it not only increases efficiency but improves the air quality of the device.

  1.     Saves costs

Unlike the regular electrical room heaters, the gas heaters are more cost-efficient.


Because they run on low-cost fuel and have a greater shell life, not only that they are environment friendly too.

  1.     Saves energy

If we speak in terms of energy, the electrical heaters rather than a room or water heaters run solely on electricity. Due to this more and more power is consumed and one ends up paying heavy bills.

In contrast to that, if one has a hydronic heating system or ducted gas heaters installed in one space, the electrical energy consumption would be quite less. That’s why the leading HVAC companies suggest and call these types of heaters “fit for economical use”.

The reason is, both of them run majorly on renewable natural resources. Especially the hydronic heating system which runs on water is considered better among the rest.