When should I get my heater serviced?

Heaters are delicate electronic devices which can pose a lot of problems if they are not taken care of. Therefore, regular servicing and maintenance are two very important aspects to ensure that your heater survives for a long time. It helps to avoid unforeseen breakdowns in your device and guarantees a longer lifetime. According to experts, you should get your heaters serviced at least twice a year.

Heaters have to work twice as hard as they usually do under these extreme cold situations. Expectedly, these longer cycles of work might take a regular toll on your device in the form of minor issues. But if these issues are ignored at an initial stage, they might become a bigger problem in the coming future. Therefore, it is important that you keep track of minor signs of breakdowns in your device and get them treated by a professional as soon as possible. This is the time you should know that you need servicing for your heater.

Signs that your heater needs servicing

Some of the common signs that your device might give when the service becomes due are:

  • Unusual noises – Heaters might start making a “clunking” or “screeching” noise. These sounds usually mean that some part of your device is either lose or broken and you need to get it repaired.
  • Emitting bad odors – Bad odors are a common problem in heaters.it generally signifies that there might be a short circuit or meltdown in the electric wiring of the device. 
  • Insufficient heating – If you notice that your heater isn’t cooling properly, you should get it thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible.
  • Rising electrical bills – A sudden hike in your electricity bill is an indicator that your device needs servicing.

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When should I get my Heater serviced?

Most of the people love winters more than summer. As this is the season where you can go out and enjoy without feeling much heat and humidity. But winters can make you shiver and freeze inside your home if your heater isn’t working properly. The best season to have your heater serviced is fall, so that it can work smoothly with greater efficiency for the whole season. But it can be really annoying to find someone best for Heater maintenance. Don’t panic, we have got you! WtfixAir is the best company for Heater service in Keysborough. 

Although it can be difficult to track when your heater needs to be serviced. Well, we have gathered some points below that will definitely going to help you out on this question :-


  • Dirty air filters – Air filters are the most essential part that help in circulating the air properly all over your home. If you are not cleaning them regularly it tends to collect dust and dirt from your in-home environment and hence get blocked. This will further result in more energy consumption to work causing a rapid increase in electricity bills. Hence this could be a sign you can very easily notice and get it inspected by some professional. 



  • Cracks in heat exchanger – It can be really dangerous to have cracks in your heat exchanger. This can result in leakage of various dangerous toxins like carbon monoxide, that could cause serious health issues. Hence this issue should be addressed and prioritised as soon as possible.