Can I Do The Maintenance Myself?

Regular services may seem expensive but are essential for your system. But in case you want to save some of these expenses. According to WtfixAir, heater service Greenvale. Although you can do some of the basic maintenance jobs to reduce the service charges. Yet calling a professional in case of serious damages or emergency breakdowns is a must.

Now let us tell you about the heating jobs that you can do yourself.

  • Cleaning of dust and debris

Remove the lid of the furnace with a screwdriver. And clean the ducts and vents of your heater.

  • Replacing the Air Filter

HVAC filters tend to get clogged very easily. Therefore every Heating or cooling system owner needs to replace it once every 30-60 days.

  • Checking the flame light and sensor

A healthy flame is clear blue. In case you see the red or yellowish flame. Clean the burner properly. Also, check whether the pilot light and the flame sensor are functioning well or not.

  • Tuning to the right settings

Make sure the heater along with the thermostat is set on the right heat settings. Note: To keep the indoors warm, set the thermostat 5°above the room temperature.

  • Sealing the leaky ducts 

Perform a visual inspection. Or try to feel from the hands if there is any leakage. In case you find any, seal it with metal or silicone tape.

  • Checking all switches and the wires

Turn off the system and find out if any wire or switch is loose or naked. Fix the switches with the help of a screwdriver and the naked wires with tape.

So these were the basic maintenance tips. That may help you to prevent the need for heating service Greenvale for pity works. However, if you notice any unusual sound or smell in your system, call professional help

Causes of Heater Fire And Precautionary Measures

Winter is around the corner in Melbourne. So, it’s better to prepare beforehand. During winters people use their furnaces to keep their homes warm. Unlike other huge appliances, the heaters look quite simple. Thus many times people don’t feel to take care of it properly. Also, they don’t worry about turning the system off after using it. Ultimately their carelessness leads the system to catch fire and make them regret it heavily for not calling a heating service Greenvale priorly. 

Safety is the most important concern for any individual. Therefore WtfixAir lists out three major causes for your furnace to catch fire along with precautionary measures.


  • Torn wires


This first and foremost reason for any fire break among electrical appliances. So, it is advised to check whether any torn wire needs to be sealed or not before using it for the first time. After the previous season.


  • Abnormal gas pressure


Furnaces act in the presence of air along with a certain amount of gas. But when the filter has a clogged air filter or the heater bears a lot of gas pressure. Then the heater may catch fire. Thus regular cleaning and maintenance of gas pressure are essential to avoid such fire spread.


  • Cracked Heat exchanger


 A heat exchanger is responsible for transferring heat to the entire home through ducts. Due to continuous expansion and contraction. The heat exchanger may have cracks. Ignoring the same can lead to escaping poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide. That again increases the possibility for your heater to catch fire.

Do’s for preventing/dealing fire breaks.

    •  Get your furnace properly checked by a professional heater service in Greenvale once a year.


  • Don’t ignore any unusual smell or noise.


  • Replace the air filter every 60-90 days.
  • Fix bare wires and keep the furnace clean.