Is it necessary to service furnaces every year?

When people have had their heater service in Glen Waverley once, this line often crosses their mind that whether they should get their appliance serviced again in the upcoming year once again?

As discussed earlier also, it could be a temporary way to save money but this idea doesn’t serve in the longer run. Because servicing the heater, especially the one which runs on the furnace is pretty important. Even if the appliance seems alright to you, you should still go for servicing.

Getting the right heater service in Glen Waverley isn’t much difficult because we are there to help you out with the best. Serving the appliance has many benefits but there also exists a bottom line which makes it necessary too.

Below are some reasons enlisted that why getting your heater serviced is necessary,


  • To ensure your safety


There could be many safety reasons connected to the servicing of the heater which makes servicing necessary.

  • The first is to ensure that none of the electrical joints has wearied out by any chance. Having loose circuits and wiring of your heater could be a big danger to your family.
  • The next reason for this list is to make sure that there is no leakage in the fuel line. The fuels used in furnaces are low cost highly combustible fuels which easily catch fire. Hence, if the furnace is nearby the kitchen area or somewhere where a fire is often ignited (lighter, matches, etc used for any purpose) having leakage in the fuel line could be dangerous.
  • To test the presence of carbon monoxide; carbon monoxide is an odorless gas and is hard to detect for an ordinary person to detect its presence. The gas is concentrated in the furnace and is highly flammable. Therefore, conducting the carbon monoxide test is a must.


  • To ensure its efficiency and life expectancy


A heater that gets serviced periodically stays efficient in the long run than the rest. To maintain its efficiency it is necessary to check the air filters, grilles, vent, and ducts every 6-12 months.

Is it normal for the heater to produce weird sounds and smells?

During winters in Melbourne when you turn on the furnace after a year. it’s normal to witness one or the other sound and smell. All of them are not a matter of concern. WtfixAir recommends you to consider two main things to find out whether you should worry about your heater or not.

1 Type of noise or smell

2 How long does it last


Rattle/Boom/Chirp/Crackle/Hum/Ping-These are some of the common sounds. That can be heard while the heater is running, the ductwork is expanding and contracting or the heater turns off itself after a long cycle. It is not a matter of concern.

Screech/whine/Vibration/Clunk –These sounds are not normal; it’s an indication that any part of the heater is colliding with something. Or the system is undergoing serious damage. In this case, you should call a professional Heater Service Glen Waverley.


Dusty/Musty Smell-When you switch on the heater after so long. It’s normal to smell dusty. As the dirt gets burnt while the rod radiates.Whereas The presence of microorganisms such as mold and fungi causes a musty smell inside your furnace cleaning the heater with bleach or any other cleanser may help to get rid of it.

Burning-Noticing smells such as the burning of plastic or wire is a matter of concern and should be dealt with quickly.

And as far as the duration of these sounds and smells are concerned the normal sounds can be heard throughout the running of the system. But when the uncommon sounds keep coming for more than 30 seconds it should not be ignored. Whereas dusty/musty sounds disappear after a few hours or days. Otherwise, hire professional Heating Service Glen Waverley.