How do I know my heater requires heater servicing in Melbourne?

Servicing your heater is similar to getting a health checkup of your body at intervals. With frequent usage, your heater just like your body may become tired and less efficient. As we know there are various types of heaters that run on different methodology from each other.

Hence, unlike your air conditioners, your heaters have different ways of servicing depending upon their type.

In general, one should get their device or unit serviced annually or bi-annually to ensure that all subunits are in good condition.

But if your device shows some weird signs we suggest you go for immediate servicing.

We have shared a few situations where one should go for heater servicing in Frankston South.

You should get your device serviced when,

  1. Discoloration of the walls

When the fuel leaks out of its line, it may leave stains or discolor the walls. This situation is very hazardous as fuel leakage can result in fireTherefore, one should go for servicing immediately.

  1. To see if air filters and vents work properly

Your device heats the space as per the requirement and regulates the warmth throughout. But, after a period a considerate amount of dust particles may settle in your heater’s fan/grilles/ vents which can hinder its daily performance. Therefore it becomes necessary to wipe off the dirt and check whether the heater is regulating the heat or not.

  1. When there are stains across the heater

This issue is also referred to as ‘ghosting’. The stain marks can be due to the accumulation of dirt or mould near your heater due to moisture. With changing seasons, moisture content varies which can lead to the accumulation of those unwanted particles. In such situations, one should get their heaters serviced.

 4Power light/ indicator isn’t being turned on

Sometimes your device may fail to start. It could be because of damaged internal circuits like in regular electrical heaters, gas heaters, ducted gas heaters or your hydronic unit.

But, sometimes it can also happen that the indicator light has been fused. In that situation, the light needs to be changed.

  1. When there is a sooty smell

The sooty smell can be because of various reasons and isn’t healthy to consume at any cost therefore, to get rid of it servicing is required.

  1. When the servicing was done long ago

If the servicing of your appliance hasn’t been done within two years, then one should go for service before using the appliance.

How do I know when my Heater needs a service?

Your heater may give many subtle prompts, which indicates that repair is imminent. From smells to specific noises, these signs warn you that the problem may be worse than you realize. When it comes to furnace repairs in Melbourne, you will need to focus on reliable Heater service in Frankston South who will advise you on heater needs. The more you understand the needs of the furnace, the better decisions you can make about the future and whether replacement or repair is better for your system.

We will let you know of some special signs that the heater is malfunctioning. Alert homeowners will detect these signs and make sure to contact WtfixAir Heating service Frankston South immediately.

Signs of a malfunctioning heater

  • Abnormal noises can come from many sources. The sources like component damage and accumulation, so you should have a professional determine the cause and solve potentially serious problems as soon as possible.
  • If you smell anything annoying from the vent or stove for a long time, please contact a professional immediately.
  • Failure to start the device normally may indicate a broken wire, damaged thermostat, or other electrical problems that may cause the system to shut down.
  • In case you find that your thermostat is a few degrees higher than the actual temperature, or your house is getting colder, please call a professional immediately.
  • When you think your bills are increasing, compare energy costs over the past few years. If costs seem to continue to rise, you may need to upgrade your heating system.
  • Many heating system problems stem from the fact that these systems are dormant for most of the year. At that time large amounts of dust and debris may accumulate. If you find dust or dust in your home, you may also need to repair it.
  • Obvious drafts and sudden temperature changes may also indicate problems. May be your current heating system is not suitable for your household needs.