Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air When The Heat Is On?

Coming home after a long tiring day everyone wants a cup of tea or coffee, a blanket, and of course a heater to enjoy the chilly evening. But wait, does sitting near the heater make you upset rather than happy by blowing cold Air? This can happen due to various reasons. You can fix the small issues however the big ones will require professional help.

Therefore, WtfixAir, a professional heating service in Doncaster provides you with a list of issues responsible for the cold air blowing of your furnace


  • Bad Thermostat


One of the most basic reasons that cause your heater to blow cold air is due to a damaged thermostat. That is unable to read temperatures properly. This can be fixed either by changing the batteries or the thermostat.


  • Wrong settings


When you or any of your family members intentionally or unintentionally switch to the colder settings, you get cold air. Adjust the settings properly before taking a further step.


  • Dirty Flame sensor


The flame sensor sends the signal to your heater to send warm air. But dirt or dust can hinder this process. Thus heating stops.

Apart from these, there are numerous reasons such as wrong wiring and installations, insufficient voltage so and so forth.

If the problem remains unknown, get the whole system inspected by a professional heater service in Doncaster. Ignoring or trying to fix an expensive appliance yourself, can put you and your system in trouble. Moreover calling a local service for heating services can invite extra problems. So, it’s best to call a nearby professional service. Who doesn’t resolve your issue but also fully optimizes your system? Furthermore, choosing a professional over the local service has numerous benefits. So, always opt for the best available option.

How Can I Reduce My Heating Costs?

Everyone loves to be warm during the cold days. Therefore they keep their heating systems on 24×7. But high energy bills make it difficult for them. Are you also one of those who are tired of high utility bills? Does your heater suck most of the energy out of it? Don’t worry today WtfixAir, heating service Doncaster has brought some of the easy tips. That will help you to lower your heating costs.

1.Change the air filters

Dirty and clogged filters are very much responsible for high energy bills. As they put a negative effect on the efficiency of the heater. Therefore it’s recommended to replace your air filters every three months. And if you have pets, change the filters every month throughout the season.

2.Adjust heat settings

Wear more woolen clothes and adjust the heat or thermostat settings a little lower. This helps to reduce the bills drastically.

3.Stop using multiple heaters

If you have a small family use the same system together. Instead of using multiple devices for each person call the entire family in one single room and enjoy warm family time.

4.Dont let the warmth escape

Keep all the doors and windows closed while running the system. So that no warmth can escape from your indoors and stays for a longer time.

5.Regular Services

Regular services are essential for heaters. As a professional heater service, Doncaster cleans the entire system and makes it work as efficiently as possible. During a routine check-up, the agent detects and resolves every issue and also notices the upcoming problems and fixes the same before it gets bigger.

Moreover, routine services also extend the life of the heater. For any further assistance regarding your heating or cooling system reach us now.