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Still struggling for good air conditioning services in Prahran. Hire an air conditioning service for your air conditioner from WtfixAir. We are one of the trusted and 24*7 available air conditioning services.

We have expert licensed technicians to service & repair every air conditioning and heating system!

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"I had the greatest experience with the WTFIX AIR team. I called them for AC repairing for my office and very soon their team of technicians entered my office. They not only repaired my Air conditioner, but also gave me some tips to keep it working for the long time. Ricky was very informative on what he was doing and why he was doing certain things. The unit has a very professional repairing."

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Why should you schedule an air duct cleaning?

An air conditioner has several parts that can cause a deep cut in the pockets and in the health of an individual. Air conditioning services in Prahran always stress on its customers to clean the air duct as it can cause harmful substances to enter the house. These ducts are like a pathway that connects the outside air to the indoor. If there is dust, dirt, or debris it may come in through the duct. Wtfixair always recommends that the user clean their air conditioner especially when there are members of the family that are prone to illness with allergies. Generally, the air outside contains a lot of dust, and other particles like pollen if taken in can cause asthma, wheezing, and serious illness for people who are allergic. It is also said that the lower quality of air being pumped indoors can cause lung cancer or even heart diseases. Wtfixair is one of the several service agents that work on taking care of the air conditioning machine in your homes, with the help of their dedicated skilled, and experienced team. 

How do Air Filters affect the performance of your Air Conditioner?

Air filters are a very important part of any kind of air conditioner – a traditional or split system. They play a major role in clearing up the air and maintaining the quality of the air produced. If the filters are broken or unclean, it will drastically decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner. You need to get them checked from time to time to ensure the smooth working of your device.

Problems associated with Air Filters

Air Filters are very delicate parts of an air conditioner. They can easily break if at all they are overburdened with work. Also, if the air quality around your air conditioner is terribly bad, it can even block the air filters, which will eventually decrease the amount and quality of cool air produced by the device. Some of the major problems are:

  • Restricted Airflow – If the air filters are damaged, they will stop the smooth flow of air inside the device. It will decrease the efficiency of your device.
  • Clogging – When the filters are clogged with dust, it worsens the quality of air being produced by the device.
  • Overburdens the entire split system – If the air filters don’t work properly, it puts an excess burden on the entire system. It also decreases the efficiency of its working.

So, if you are facing problems related to air filters, you can contact the technicians at WtfixAir! They are well-versed with your device and will make sure that your problems are permanently solved. Book an appointment today! 

What are the causes of air conditioner airflow problems?

Air conditioning services in Prahranhave attributed this problem majorly due to the clog in the air filter. An air filter works in cleaning up the air from the outside outdoor unit. The outside unit may have a lot of unadulterated dust and debris. This dust and debris get stuck inside the air vent. The vent can get clogged with dust and debris and these, in turn, can clog the air. Another reason could be a leak in the refrigerator that may have resulted in problems with the airflow. Companies like Wtfixair works towards solving the problems related to the customers. They work round the clock to take of such happenings that may, in turn, lead to a much larger problem. The condenser unit can have a blockage which in turn can lead to a problem with the airflow in the air conditioner. In most cases, such problems should be dealt with by technical experts with experience and skill from companies like Wtfixair. Such experts always take good care and make sure that you won’t face such problems in the long run. 

What are the reasons behind Air Conditioner Making Noise?

If your Air Conditioner is making noise, it may be the sign of some underlying issue with your unit. The common reasons for this problem are specifically given below.

  1. There may be a mechanical problem with the compressor.
    2. Continuous hissing sound indicates the issue of Refrigerant leak.
    3. Furthermore, a Weird buzzing sound signals a problem with the Air Conditioner fan blades.
    4. An unusual bubbling sound can be due to an unclean drainage line of the AC.
    5. Lastly, if the motor of the Air Conditioner fan is not working properly it might produce a screeching sound which is very easily noticeable.

Moreover, To fix these issues connect to Air Conditioner Repair Prahran for expert service.

Why is my Air Conditioner Freezing Up Outside the Unit?

AC freezing up the outside unit may seem very unusual but rest assured it happens a lot and the most common causes are listed below.

  1. Mechanical problems with any part of the Air Conditioner can cause a dip in pressure. This leads to refrigerants expanding too much and thus making the Air Conditioners cooler enough to freeze up.
  2. Low refrigerant levels and clogged filters are also the common causes for this.
  3. The problem can also be due to outdoor conditions. If the temperature gets too low at night time, the outdoor Air Conditioner unit might become ineffective, leading it to freeze up.

The above issue largely requires professional help. So Contact Air Conditioner repair Prahran to fix this issue.

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