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I had the greatest experience with the WTFIX AIR team. I called them for AC repairing for my office and very soon their team of technicians entered my office. They not only repaired my Air conditioner, but also gave me some tips to keep it working for the long time. Ricky was very informative on what he was doing and why he was doing certain things. The unit has a very professional repairing.

- Daniel Noah

Air Conditioner Services Kew

During hot days, if you are facing issue in your air conditioner. Then this is the right time to call to air conditioning service in Kew. WtfixAir will provide the best experts who will service your air conditioner at a very reasonable cost.

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Have you been changing your air filter?

WtfixAir recommends its customers to change the air filters between 30 to 40 days schedule. The dusty choked filters reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. Uneven cooling, overheating, malfunctions, mechanical failures, and often repairment problems happen due to not changing the air filters. 

These are the reasons why you should change your air filters after a fixed time schedule.

  • Dusting :

Excessive dirt and dust accumulation on air filters cause a problem of often changing them. Regular cleaning and maintaining a humid environment help you to fix that.

  • Thermostat setting 

There are two kinds of mode in your air conditioner thermostat setting – auto and manual on. when you are putting your thermostat setting in auto mode then it will increase the lifespan of your air filters.

  • Pet 

If you have any pets in your house then you should take care of more vacuuming and mopping. Your pet’s hair and the dust coming from their feet cling onto the air filter.

  • Air filters quality

The air filters with the high-grade quality have the ability to trap particles of upto 0.3 microns. Using a low grade of air filters need to change often to impact the entire air condition system. 

If you need expert advice related to your air conditioner. You can call WtfixAir air conditioning service in Kew. We are ready to fix your issues. 

Sign your AC unit is low on Refrigerant

If your air conditioning system is running on low refrigerant then you might be paying a higher electricity bill than normal. At the same time, it will force your system to perform inefficiently and proceed towards frequent repairs.

But “how do you know if your AC unit is running on low refrigerant?” The following are the signs given below.

  • Never reached your preset temperature: 

If you set your thermostat to the desired temperature. But even if the temperature does not reach there, there may be a problem of Low refrigerant in it.

  • Cool air is not coming from the vent:

This must be one of the reasons for the low refrigerant. The vents are not blowing the cool air.

  • Paying higher electricity bill than normal:

If you find that your electricity bill has started coming up more than usual. Definitely, you have to call a technician to examine your air conditioner.

  • Freezed refrigerant lines: 

When the air conditioner running on low refrigerant then Your evaporator coils or copper tubes may have an excess accumulation of ice.

  • Dripping water near the heater: 

Whenever the ice from the refrigerant line begins to melt, they start accumulating around the heater in the form of water. this must be a sign of low refrigerant.

  • Bubbling sounds: 

The sound of bubbling comes when your refrigerant is leaking. directly it indicates that your refrigerant is about to below soon.

If you have to face have such problems or issues with your refrigerant then you must call (1300 019 320) an expert like WtfixAir. We are the air conditioning service provider in Kew and ready to help you 24/7.

Why is my Air Conditioner Fan motor stuck?

Here are some of the common problems if your Air Conditioner motor stuck:

  • Power supply control
  • Your condenser could be the cause why your fan doesn’t spin
  • A burned-out engine might prevent your fan from working
  • Contactor issues may lead to the failure of your central fan.
  • If your AC fan doesn’t spin, a failed belt may be the cause.
  • A clogged air filter may be the fault of why the ventilator doesn’t spin.
  • If the exterior fan of your air conditioner does not function, check the fan

To prevent further damage to your AC, Call us at 1300 019 320 for Air Conditioner repair in Kew.

 Why is my Air Conditioner not cooling your home properly?

Here some of the reasons behind your Air Conditioner not cooling your home properly:

  • Make sure your Air Conditioner air filters are free from any kind of dirt and other particles.
  • Check for the thermostat setting before diagnosing the problem
  • Check that the Air Conditioner outside the unit should be clear of overgrown shrubs, branches of the trees, and grass to refresh the refrigerant (which is used to chill your house air in turn)
  • Consider if your system is suitable for your house or not

If you face any problem or diagnose any other issues in your Air Conditioner, Call us at 1300 019 320 for Air Conditioner repair in Kew.

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