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Air Conditioning Services Burnside Heights

WtfixAir has brought you one of the good Air Conditioner Service Burnside Heights. Our air conditioning services include professional services. In addition to that, our air conditioning services are also available 24* for our clients.

We have expert licensed technicians to service & repair every air conditioning and heating system!

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"I had the greatest experience with the WTFIX AIR team. I called them for AC repairing for my office and very soon their team of technicians entered my office. They not only repaired my Air conditioner, but also gave me some tips to keep it working for the long time. Ricky was very informative on what he was doing and why he was doing certain things. The unit has a very professional repairing."

Daniel Noah,

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Why my air conditioner coil is frozen?

Air conditioning services in Burnside Heights have identified this as one of the most pressing problems when it comes to services. The reason being the difficulty to spot the problem. The indoor unit keeps functioning as if nothing has affected and it’s very difficult to pinpoint any discrepancy in the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is where an air conditioner coil frozen symptom is clearly visible. If you can find a layer of ice in the outdoor unit then it can be understood that the problem is the air conditioner coil. There can be several reasons as to why the coils are frozen. One of the major reasons is the dirty air filter. The dirty air filter obstructs the free flow of air and if it’s not flowing properly the coil gets too cold and freezes. Any malfunctioning in the thermostat is another important reason for a coil freeze. The leaks in the refrigerant i.e. when it leaks the lack of pressure will lead to more heat being taken up than permitted thereby freezing the coil. Wtfixair is a company that focuses on the service and repair aspects of the users. Make sure to ring them up when you think you have a frozen coil.

Why one room in my home is warmer than the other?

The basic work of an air conditioner is to cool the house and the atmosphere by sucking in the warm and humid air in the atmosphere. Normally, a thermostat and an air conditioner go hand in hand when it comes to cooling and performance. If a house works in a duct based air conditioner, then the requirement and maintenance is very high. Air conditioning services in Burnside Heights have identified of this one room is warmer than the other mainly in houses where duct worked air conditioner is placed. In other types of air conditioners as well these problems may arise. A couple of reasons as to why this happens can be due to the dirt in the air filter if there is a leak in the ductworks if any of the windows/doors to any of the rooms is not closed etc. Wtfixair is a company that has a dedicated team of experts to help you with such smaller problems if at all they arise. Burnside Heights is a state where it can get really hot, these small issues can cause major discomfort.

Why unusual odor coming from the air conditioner?

This is a very tricky situation when you have an odor coming out of your machine. It is difficult to examine the air conditioner as it is dangerous and at the same time, it is important that whatever is causing the issue that needs to be removed. Air conditioning services in Burnside Heights are probably the most efficient in dealing with such situations. Normally there can be several reasons which can be attributed to the odor. One of the most prominent reason is the dirt or dust stuck inside of the air conditioner, specifically in the air filter. When the air filter becomes dirty, the air coming out of the vent tends to smell bad as well. Another obvious reason could be any dead animal stuck inside the unit. Mostly during the summer season, small animals tend to find such units as a safe haven. Unknowingly we kill them and they begin to stink and the air coming would also stink. A fan motor burn is another reason for a pungent awful smell. Depending on the smell it is easy to identify but difficult to solve the issue, which is why we have expert service companies like Wtfixair with their dedicated team. 

Is there any way to fix a faulty thermostat?

A broken or faulty thermostat can bring with it a host of headaches, everything from unstable room temperatures to the whole Air Conditioner unit going out of sync. There a few quick hacks you could try to see whether or not you need to call a professional or not; first off, try replacing the battery of the thermostat, this is usually overlooked in a lot of households, then try flipping on and off the circuit breakers, if that doesn’t work out, then try resetting the whole thermostat using the manual and guide. If all else fails air conditioner repair Burnside Heights can help you out professionally.

My Air Conditioner coolant is leaking, can I still repair my Air Conditioner?

Usually, you can tell that your Air Conditioner is leaking coolant when you can smell horrible chemical smells in and around the window where your Air Conditioner is placed. Coolants are also called Air Conditioner Refrigerants. And a leaky Air conditioner Refrigerant issue can quickly start to cost you real money. The electricity bills, repair bills, and overall maintenance bills will shoot up if the problem isn’t addressed at the source. We at air conditioner repair Burnside Heights will gladly provide any emergency Air conditioner repair services.

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