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When there is a problem with the air conditioner that needs to be rectified, each manufacturer has its own sets of error codes. The purpose of these codes is to display a specific problem that the technician or user can quickly use to determine the cause and provide a solution to the issue. So, to fix the issue in the air conditioner you can call to air conditioning service Broadmeadows

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Why is my air conditioner showing error codes?

For instance, an error code E1 might indicate a lack of refrigerant in the air conditioning system that needs to be topped up. Error E2 could indicate that your system has been disconnected from the room sensor. 

According to WtfixAir, a company providing air conditioning services Broadmeadows, the typical error codes display for a number of reasons. These include low refrigeration gas charge, blocked filters, and communication faults between the outdoor and indoor units. 

If any error has occurred, check the operating manual that comes with the unit. On the manual, there is generally a table with a list of the error codes and their corresponding problems/ solutions. You will need to get back to the manufacturer or dealer and get their technical manuals for that particular model if the error codes are not there. 

How can I reduce energy costs for my HVAC system?

It is smart to look for ways to make your system use less energy since almost 50% of your building’s energy consumption is used by your HVAC system. Here are a few tips: 

  • You could upgrade to a new air conditioning unit with higher efficiency. Every dollar invested in energy efficiency can result in a double to triple return on investment, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Upgrading to equipment with higher efficiency would undoubtedly pay for itself in a surprisingly short time period.
  • Choose systems that have the ENERGY STAR label on them. These systems can save you $3-$4 per square foot over the life of the equipment, according to the US Department of Energy. Additionally, you might also qualify for rebates from your utility company.
  • Economizers measure external air to determine when it’s dry and cool enough to provide comfortable conditions inside. Install them. They make sure that instead of running the air conditioner continuously, outside air is used, thus reducing energy usage. 
  • Have your air conditioning system regularly cleaned and tuned up by HVAC technicians from WtfixAir, or from your local company that provides -+ to your area. 
  • You can also service your air conditioner by air conditioning service Broadmeadows with WtfixAir.

What are the Signs that your Aircon Condenser is going bad?

The part within an air conditioning unit that’s responsible for cooling down and condensing the incoming refrigerant vapor into a liquid state is an air condenser. You may notice one of the following signs if your air conditioning condenser is about to experience failure: 

  1. Abnormal and loud noises coming from the unit.
  2. Leaking a noticeable amount of fluid compared to the typical condensation amount. 
  3. Reduced cooling capability.

When Should You Repair Your Air Conditioner Condenser?

WtfixAir suggests calling for air conditioning service Broadmeadows if you notice a – 

  • Dirty condenser – Remove anything that’s blocking/interfering with the unit.
  • Bad condenser relay switch – Swap out the broken part with a new one.
  • Bad run capacitor – Swap out the faulty component
  • Faulty motor – Check your manual for the correct replacement product and replace the motor. 
  • Relay switch – Clean debris/dirt from the coil. 

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner Condenser?

Replace your condenser if you notice a- 

  • Damaged coil – Repairing this takes a significant amount of time and labor, so it’s usually recommended to replace your entire unit.
  • Blockage – You may have to replace more than the condenser itself depending on the damage caused by the blockage.
  • Leaks – You’ll need to replace the entire condenser since it’s not possible to replace condenser seals or tubes. 

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside

The amount of condensation depends upon the thermostat setting and outdoor temperature. However, if you notice a large amount of water dripping from the main unit. Then you need to contact experts for air conditioner repair in Broadmeadows. Following are major factors that play role in leakage from your system:

  • Clogging in air filters due to dirt and debris.
  • Fault in the condensate pan.
  • Blockage in the drain pipe.
  • Faulty installation or cool outdoor temperature.
  • Low refrigerant level.

You should not avoid leakage because it can severely damage your system in the long run. So, call WtfixAir for the best repair service in the early stage.

Air Conditioner Frozen Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils are a vital part of the heat exchange process and keep your place cool. Annual servicing ensures the smooth functioning of your system. So, if you feel warm air instead of cool air then it is possible that the evaporator coil has frozen. WtfixAir offers the best and reliable air conditioner repair in Broadmeadows at your doorstep. Some of the common reasons for this issue are:

  • Lack of airflow due to faulty blower fan or damage in the ductwork.
  • Dirty and clogged air filters.
  • Dirty evaporator coils cause condensation to become too cold and freeze.
  • Clogging in the drain pipe.

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