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Air Conditioning Services Brighton

There’s no doubt that the summer sun can get severe in Brighton. This heat can have a huge impact on the outdoor condenser unit. The main task of the outdoor condensing unit is to reject heat that is taken from inside the house by transmitting it to the outside air. However, the hotter the outside air, it’ll be more troublesome to reject heat outside and to cool your home. Therefore, shading the outdoor condensing unit of an aircon system is an accepted method to increase its efficiency and lower cooling costs. To help reduce the strain wear and tear on your outdoor condensing unit, put a shade on it. It is said to cool down the air around the air conditioner shading is important. Hence, for Air Conditioning Service Brighton schedule an appointment. 

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"I had the greatest experience with the WTFIX AIR team. I called them for AC repairing for my office and very soon their team of technicians entered my office. They not only repaired my Air conditioner, but also gave me some tips to keep it working for the long time. Ricky was very informative on what he was doing and why he was doing certain things. The unit has a very professional repairing."

Daniel Noah,

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What are the Signs Your Air Conditioner Compressor Is Going Bad?

Air Conditioning service Brighton is very much important in Melbourne. Running the aircon system throughout the year in Brighton and providing hot as well as cool air inside your home or offices. After operating throughout the year any machine would be exhausted, as it experiences high levels of wear and tear. It’s a big concern!!

Moreover, the air conditioner compressor is also vital to the cooling process. The aircon compressor typically lasts 10 to 15 years after routine maintenance and regular use. However, if your air conditioner is acting unusual, and meanwhile you notice ticking sound and diminished airflow that signifies the failure of an air conditioner compressor. Above all, more such signs include the following:

  • The system is blowing warm air
  • The compressor doesn’t turn on 
  • The outside unit shakes after starting
  • Moisture Leaks
  • Rattling Noise
  • Blocked suction lines
  • Damaged wiring

As it’s understandable that the compressor is the heart of an air conditioning system. Hence, when it breaks down or fails, it is not necessary to replace the entire system. Rather, if you suspect your aircon compressor is failing, contact us to get your problem diagnosed by a qualified professional right away. WtfixAir replaces all your bad compressors quickly and correctly so that you can enjoy the hot as well as cool air as soon as possible. WtfixAir services air heating and cooling systems and specializes in Air Conditioning service Brighton. 

Will Shading Your Air Conditioner Increase Its Efficiency?

The key here is to provide shade and not to obstruct the airflow anyway. WtfixAir recommends installing your air conditioner to the north side of the house is the best option. If your air conditioner is on another side of the house you can still shade your air conditioner but the north side is the coolest place throughout the day. Moreover, trees and shrubs also keep the air inside your house cool and increase the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Hence, shading your air conditioning unit can help the unit work more efficiently, increase the lifespan of the system and cut the cooling costs.

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