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Evaporative Air Conditioners

Evaporative air conditioner follows the process of evaporation. It is the implementation that cools the air through the evaporation of water. Air cooler operates on the principle of endothermic reaction. It is the process which that absorb energy in the form of heat.

Working of evaporative air conditioner -

The working of evaporative air conditioner is very easy and simple to install. Hot air enters in the cooling unit on the roof where the air is filtered and cooled as it passes through especially designed cooling pads. A fan than blows the cool air throughout the home. Hot air in the house is forced out through open windows and doors providing your entire home with a complete change of air at least every two minutes.

Advantages of evaporative air conditioner -

  • The cost of evaporative air conditioner is very low as compared to air conditioner.
  • Some pollen, dust and other particles are get trapped in the damp pads. Filters are available to remove these kinds of particles.
  • The performance of evaporative air conditioner is very good as well as it is very efficient.
  • The air movement from this system has a similar effect as a ceiling fan in terms of making people feel four to six degrees cooler than the actual temperature.
  • Since humidity levels typically decrease as air temperatures rise, evaporative coolers operate well when demand is highest.

The evaporated air conditioner is little different from air conditioner. These types of air conditioning units are energy efficient and are a more natural way to cool your home down. They can help save money on energy costs and therefore this has become a better option that many are choosing to have in their homes. Evaporative air coolers are better suited for dry climates. More water can be evaporated in dry air than in humid air, making these much more effective when humidity is low. Also, unlike when using a traditional air conditioner, the area being cooled should not be sealed up.

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