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Illustrate the installation steps and methods of the wall AC in Yarralumla

Nowadays, when decorating, there are more and more choices of air conditioners, and the types and brands are dazzling. Especially in recent years, the hidden wall AC installation can be hidden in the ceiling and does not affect the home design. More and more houses choose to install it. Is it really that good? Today, Wall AC company in Yarralumla will make a big comparison on the construction and maintenance of wall-mounted air conditioners and ceiling-mounted air conditioners, so that you can find the most suitable air conditioner.

Wall AC Installation location Yarralumla

  1. The installation height of the wall-mounted indoor unit should be more than 150cm higher than the ground;
  2. There should be a space of more than 5cm between the wall-mounted indoor unit and the ceiling above and the walls on the left and right sides;
  3. The wall-mounted indoor unit should be more than 5cm away from doors and windows to avoid excessive air-conditioning loss.


  1. The wall-mounted indoor unit should choose a location with good indoor air circulation, so that reasonable air convection can be formed indoors.
  2. Try to install the wall-mounted indoor unit in the middle area of ​​the house, so that the cold and hot air can be sent to all corners of the room.
  3. There should be no obstacles at the air inlet and air outlet, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect of the inverter air conditioner.

Refrigeration pipeline moisture-proof and waterproof treatment

  1. After the pipeline connection is completed, make sure that the connection is tight, and then wrap a layer of insulation cotton on the connection interface of the refrigeration pipeline.
  2. Use waterproof tape to fasten the two ends of the insulation cotton.

Final installation process of wall AC

  1. Pass the wrapped refrigeration pipes, electrical cables and drain pipes through the wall holes and extend them outside the house.
  2. After the pipeline extends out of the object, the wall-mounted air conditioner can be hung on the previously installed fixed hanging plate.


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