Inverter Air Conditioning Service

Summers are around the corner and therefore, the season of unbearable heat is also on the edge. India, being a sub–tropic country has a moderately hot and humid climate all over. But, this fact doesn’t accompany all demographics. Some areas of the north and central face, harsh heat waves every year in comparison to other states of the country.

Thus, combating this unbearable heat lash is a struggle for everyone every year. People usually opt for water coolers and air conditioners as a relieving aid for their summers, but unlike the latter, the prior one requires time to time refill and maintenance.

Hence, even though air conditioners are a bit costly still they are beneficial for long-term purposes.

Today, there are various types of air conditioners available in the market. Among them, there has been one popular category i.e. an inverter AC.

What is an inverter AC?

If you are looking forward to buying an air conditioner this summer, then inverter AC might be a desirable appliance on your bucket list. Today, inverter AC is high in demand because it can run efficiently without wasted operations and can save up to 30 – 50% of the electricity. Thus, they are not only efficient but budget-friendly too.

The entire methodology in an inverter AC revolves around the motor speed. Usually, the amount of heat supplied by an air conditioner depends on the motor speed, this one has to manually operate the motor to turn it ON and OFF which wastes electricity. But, that’s not the case in inverter AC, the motor doesn’t require manual operation, which implies that the motor speed is adjusted without turning it ON or OFF.

How are inverter ACs different from regular air conditioners?

Below are some enlisted pointers which clarify how an inverter AC differs from the regular one as follows:

  • The inverter AC has variable motor speed and tonnage, unlike the regular air conditioners.
  • Since the inverter AC can adjust their motor speed; they can control the heat requirement of the room accordingly without manual interference.
  • The heat load of a room is determined by various factors like external heat, number of people, number of heat-absorbing objects, etc. Thus, an inverter AC manages to cool the space keeping these factors in accordance.