Ducted Air Conditioner Service

Ducted air conditioning is the most favorite among homeowners. This is because it has the capacity to cool the entire house. It operates with the help of a central unit that cools down the air and then it is distributed via ducts in the room. Ducted air conditioners can also be fitted according to your home’s interior, making them much more energy efficient. These types of air conditioners have features that you don’t get anywhere else. They can cool the entire place hence creating a stable environment. Ducted air conditioners are also very comfortable. Well, let’s have a look on some benefits of installing one at your home: –

  • Consistently cools down the place- If you go for a split air conditioner system then it will only cool the zone in which it is installed. This means you’ll have to close that area in order to receive maximum efficiency. On the other hand, ducted air conditioners have the ability to cool the entire place. Also the central unit will be out of sight and the filtered air is pumped through ducts all over the house.
  • It can save money in the long run- Yes that’s true. A ducted air conditioner can save you money in the long run. If you opt for a split air conditioning system for the entire house, then you’ll have to pay for the installation charge of each system. Also if you opt for ducted air conditioners you don’t have to worry about the rooms that are unnecessarily cooling. All you easily shut off the cooling where you don’t want it. Above all, they are more energy efficient than any other system.
  • They are designed to suit perfectly with your lifestyle- A ducted air conditioner offers a wide range of benefits and the most advanced features. Most of them also have a timer setting that allow you to preprogram your air conditioner. Some of them also have wi-fi connectivity that allows you to automate your unit with your smart phones. Most importantly, they can cool your place in summers and can heat the same in winters.
  • They can match your interior well- If you don’t want to ruin your interior you must go for a ducted air conditioner system. By doing so you’ll have access to more space to design your house as you want. The main unit is usually installed on the rooftop. Hence you can feel free to design each room as you want to.

What are some essential tips for maintaining a ducted air conditioner system?

Like any other appliance, ducted air conditioners also want regular maintenance in order to work properly.

  • Cleaning or replacing air filters regularly- Most of the people are aware of the importance of cleaning air filters regularly. Although they ignore this until their unit gets into real trouble. If you want your ducted air conditioner to work efficiently, you must clean the air filters within every two or three months. Some air conditioners have indicators to tell you whether the filters are dirty or not.
  • To reduce the risk of health and respiratory issues- If someone in your home is having respiratory issues such as asthma then having an air conditioning system can be really beneficial. But for that you need to maintain your system regularly. This will make sure that the system is cleaning the environment with full efficiency.
  • Cleaning air conditioner coils regularly- Well, air conditioner coils are a part of outdoor units which might catch dust very frequently. This interrupts the smooth working of the system. It may also lead to overheating. Therefore, by having a proper air conditioner repair one can make sure issues like this never appear.

What are some signs that your ducted air conditioner needs cleaning?

It might be tricky to figure out whether your air conditioner is having issues or not. Sometimes it seems to work fine but may have some problems that might go unnoticed. Well, if that is so, we have gathered few points that may be helpful: –

  • Check whether there is dust build up or debris inside your vents.
  • Also check whether the air filters are clean or not. A dirty air filter can cause serious damage to your system.
  • A dirty filter will also reduce the air flow.
  • Reduction in efficiency.